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Fun Attractions Nearby in Libo

Li River
15,016 Reviews
19.7km from downtown
"It is very interesting that we have had the opportunity to see the painting mountains of Jiuma, and that the old proletarian revolutionaries of Chen Yi and Zhou Enlai have seen them. Not everyone can see the nine horses. To see the phoenix bamboos on both sides of the Lijiang River, they are all planted by Premier Zhou Enlai, and are now very lush!"

Reasons to Recommend: The essence of Guilin's landscape lies in the scenery of Li River. Dubbed as the “best landscape in the world”, Guilin has appeared widely in elementary school textbooks. The two sides of the Li River have different mountains with different shapes. Among them, the most representative ones include the Nine Horse Mountain and the Yellow Cloth Shoal. The latter is featured on the back of the new 20 RMB notes. Visiting the Li River can be done by boat or bamboo rafts. The big boat is spacious but the bamboo raft is more exotic.

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Libo Seven Small Arches (Xiaoqikong) Scenic Area
14,185 Reviews
26km from downtown
"The scenic spot is located in the group of peaks of more than 30 kilometers south of Libo County. Because there is a seven-hole arch bridge built of blue stone across the Xiangshui River, it is named. The scenic spot is composed of mountains, water, forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls, beautiful and quiet, and there is a strong Yi ethnic style. The scenic spot was listed as a national nature reserve in 1988."

Reasons to Recommend: The Libo Seven Small Arches Scenic Area is located among the karst peaks south of the Libo County urban area. The attraction gets its name from a seven-arched bluestone bridge that crosses the noisy river there. The site incorporates all the beauty of mountains, water, trees, caves, lakes, and waterfalls. This natural splendor has combined with the authentic cultural flavor of the Tujia and Yao people of the area to bring fame to the area. Attractions like the ancient seven-arched bridge, the water forest, the crouching dragon pool, and Mandarin Duck Lake make the area like an earthly fairyland.

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Mount Fanjing
6,636 Reviews
27.7km from downtown
"This is a promise to give yourself. I want to see the magical nature of this magical gift of the magical ax God . but must go early, the afternoon of 5⃣️ the weather changes unpredictable, according to the staff said . there will be the sun 🌞 from Changsha to Tongren Station at about 10 am. At 11:30 pm, I will arrive at the hotel before the station . and eat bowl noodles. I will go to the left bus station for 25 yuan to Jiangkou Bus Terminal . for 59 minutes. I will go to Fanjingshan Gate 5⃣️ yuan 1⃣️ every half hour. I am a car at 2 pm. It is already 2.45 minutes. No mountain after 3⃣️. Run all the way to 3⃣️ Point Qianjin Mountain Gate; take the scenic bus for 30 minutes, get a car to buy a ticket up and down 140 yuan, up 30 minutes. Then climb the stairs all the way. 5⃣️ Point to the scenery in the photo, Lao Jinding can't see . time is too late. Climb up Yunling Jinding . 30 minutes. It is already 7 ⃣️ dot down the mountain. Note ‼️ Recently, Guizhou Province has come to the province of Guizhou 5⃣️ days 3 ⃣️ check . normal instructions are . No action within five days after entering Guizhou . Give: Grey code gray code . can not take even the bus and subway. Can only leave Guizhou the next day."

Reasons to Recommend: Mount Fanjing is famous as both a summer retreat and a Buddhist mountain. It is rich in flora and fauna, including rare species like the gray snub-nosed monkey and the dove tree. Take the sightseeing car from the entrance gate to the aerial tramway. Take the tram and then continue walking, and you will see the magnificent “Mushroom Rock,” a rock formation that has stood tall on the mountain for 1 billion years. To the left of the mountain peak is Red Cloud Golden Peak, and to the right is Old Golden Peak. Both make beautiful photographs.

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Longji Rice Terrace
4,696 Reviews
Longji Terraces
12.6km from downtown
Terraced Field
"The most famous terraces in China, in a large stockade, are very ethnic, sitting on the cable car all the way to the highest point, the scenery is beautiful, if the weather is not the best, the scenery will be more beautiful"

Reasons to Recommend: Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are a large-scale terraced group in Guilin. The multiple tiers and curve lines are visually very impressive. The villages are inhabited by several ethnic minorities. There are ethnic minorities such as the Zhuang and the Yao. When you visit the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, the main thing to do is go on foot and take photos. You can also take photos of the local farmhouse and experience the ethnic customs. In addition, sunrise at Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces is very beautiful and well worth seeing.

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Shiwai Taoyuan
6,839 Reviews
14.4km from downtown
"The paradise is one of the landmarks of Yangshuo in Guilin. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with beautiful pastoral scenery. The Lijiang River passes by slowly. The rich village in the north of Guangxi is scattered in the middle. The traffic is not very convenient."

Reasons to Recommend: The Shangri-La Park is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Yangshuo, Guangxi. This folk landscape park was built according to the mood depicted in Tao Yuanming's “The Peach Blossom Spring”, and combined with the local pastoral scenery. Although it is a man-made scenic spot, the beautiful scenery here and the folk styles created make it very attractive.

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Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village
15,620 Reviews
Xijiang Miao Village
16km from downtown
Ancient Settlement
爱 雨 轩
"Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is a place that I don't want to go. The simplicity of nature deeply attracted me. I could embrace nature in the morning. I didn't want to go back to the hotel at 12 o'clock in the evening. The night view is beautiful."

Reasons to Recommend: Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is a very large village of the Miao, one of China's minority groups, and is composed of more than a dozen smaller villages built on the side of the mountain. Within the village are the Miao group's unique wooden houses, called Diaojiaolou. At night, when all the lights of these houses turn on, the view is beautiful. When you come to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, in addition to enjoying the scenery, you'll also experience the Miao's way of living. Here you can enjoy a special "long table feast," as well as a variety of Miao specialties, which are mostly sour and spicy.

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Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World
1,405 Reviews
20.6km from downtown
"Suitable for children to play, parking at the door is old and high, five yuan an hour, or on the roadside, the place is very easy to find, navigation is direct, there are three performance theaters, very good, that is, the things sold are very expensive, the others are very good, the first stop of May 1st is the Ocean World."

Reasons to Recommend: Colorful Guizhou City Polar Ocean World, also known as Longchuan Polar Ocean World, is rich in marine life, and also features a variety of polar animals and animal performances. There are many attractions, such as the Amazon Rainforest area, Marine Reef Fish area, Shark area, Polar World Area, Undersea Tunnel Area, Dream Jellyfish area and “Mermaid” Theater, Dolphin Theater, and other exhibition areas and theaters. It is a great place to bring the family.

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Tongling Grand Canyon
2,374 Reviews
24.6km from downtown
"Each canyon is a collection of rare natural and human landscapes such as extra-high waterfalls, cavern waterfalls, underground rivers, canyon streams, cave wonders, ancient stone barriers, ancient hangings, and virgin vegetation. The waterfalls with 188 meters of difference, the highest one-stage fall in Asia ― Psychic Falls are intersected, making the entire valley full of vitality and spirituality."

Reasons to Recommend: Tongling Grand Canyon is home to a number of natural attractions, including a rainforest, waterfalls, and a spectacular canyon. Visitors can walk through the lush forest and enjoy views over the canyon and its enormous waterfall. The area is one of Guangxi's most beautiful spots. It contains stunning lava deposits and ancient specimens of flying spider-monkey tree fern, which date back to the Jurassic period.

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Zhaoxing Village
3,311 Reviews
36.3km from downtown
"It is very suitable for feeling the place. The scenic area is still a bit big, there are many accommodations, there are many food, the air is very good, and the environment is very good. Come here to feel the local life atmosphere, give yourself a few days off, relax!"

Reasons to Recommend: Zhaoxing Village is a huge Yi village which was one of the sub-venues of the 2018 Spring Festival. The classic Yi style architecture in Zhaoxing Village is a popular attraction for visitors. There are six covered 'wind and rain' bridges each of which has a unique and beautiful shape. The blue tile roofs are simple yet practical. There are also a number of large wooden drum towers. The Yi cultural song and dance performances are a must-see for any visitor.

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TOP 10
Da Qikong Scenic AreaClosed
1,384 Reviews
20km from downtown
"On December 28, 2018, after visiting the small seven holes, it will be about 2:17 in the afternoon to the entrance of the big seven holes scenic spot. It will end almost at around 4:30. It is much smaller than the small seven holes scenic spot, and there were still undeveloped places at that time. I don't know if it is developed now. Anyway, it's over at the Tiansheng Bridge. The overall scenery personally feels more atmospheric than the small air holes. Finally, after the big seven-hole scenic spot, I took a photo of a bridge. I don't know if it is the big seven-hole bridge, hahaha, it is just seven holes. I remember to ask some people at that time, saying yes."

Reasons to Recommend: Da Qikong (literally “seven holes”) is located in Libo County, Guizhou Province. The area is named after a bridge with seven arches over the Mengtang River. The main attractions include karst gorges and unusual rock formations. Visitors can go white water rafting and admire the steep cliffs. The picturesque rock faces are covered with stalactites and lush green trees.

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TOP 11
4,986 Reviews
72.4km from downtown
"It's so comfortable to take the family, it's beautiful, it's shocking 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆."

Reasons to Recommend: Yinziyan is an exemplary karst landform, running through twelve peaks and containing stalactites from different geological ages, all shining like pillars of silver. There is a saying that goes, "Once you've been to Yinziyan, you'll never want for money again." The beauty of this site attracts waves of visitors every year. The underground space is divided into a lower cave, an upper cave and a grand hall between them. As one walks through the cave, the view gradually opens up to hundreds of sparkling silver lights, and the sight becomes even more impressive and unforgettable.

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TOP 12
Malinghe Canyon
2,575 Reviews
7.2km from downtown
"Maling River Canyon is located in the city of Xingyi 4 km northeast, about 15 kilometers long canyon, the two banks of cliffs, deep valley, with male, strange, dangerous, show and have characteristics. The canyon is located between Wumeng Mountain and Guangxi hills rising up the Yungui Plateau. It is famous for its sewing valley, waterfalls flying across the ground, and the wall hanging of calcium carbonate. The two walls of the canyon have spawned large-scale, scattered calcified rocks, forming the only rock waterfalls. Over 70 kilometers of the canyon, there are more than a hundred waterfalls, such as the roar of thousands of horses, such as the Galaxy gap, and the galloping down is quite spectacular; many of the waterfalls hidden under the unknown hole, is one of the Maling River Canyon wonders. But the waterfall was not big when we arrived, and if it was summer, we should be able to see more spectacular scenery. We buy tickets to enter the gate, take the sightseeing elevator down to the valley floor, walk along the trails on the river valley side, and roadside signs clearly indicate the location of the attractions. Because the trail on the other side of the scenic spot is under maintenance, we spent an hour and only took the trail on the left, so the ticket was charged half price."

Reasons to Recommend: Malinghe Canyon is located to the northeast of Xingyi in Guizhou Province, between the Wumeng and Guangxi mountain ranges. The spectacular canyon features calcified rock formations and over a hundred waterfalls. Visitors can admire the scenery from the walkway through the gorge or go for an exhilarating ride through the rapids on a rubber boat.

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TOP 13
Li River Cruise
3,003 Reviews
31.1km from downtown
Boat Tour
"The three-star cruise ship of the Minjiang River is located at the Mopanshan Pier at the end of Guimo Road, Lingchuan County, Guilin City (departure to Guilin), and the Shuidongmen Pier in Yangshuo County (departure to Yangshuo). I bought a one-way ticket. Guilin boarded the boat and arrived in Yangshuo for about four hours. Overall, the experience is still very good. Mainly arrived. There are some aesthetic fatigue in the late stage of the tour, but it is good to rest on the boat. If you take a ride, you can listen to the cruise. There are a lot of attractions, especially Jiuma Huashan. It is especially interesting to find the "horse" on the mountain with friends. It is a good experience."

Reasons to Recommend: Enjoy a cruise down the Li River on a comfortable boat with local Guilin cuisine and a tour guide. The boat passes some of Guilin's most famous scenic spots and offers an spectacular view of the unique karst landscape.

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TOP 14
Goose Spring
1,041 Reviews
4.9km from downtown
"⏰ Tour time: 1-2 hours can be, if you want to go to the observation deck, it is 2 hours from ~ ⛰ Touring scenery: When you arrive at the scenic area, you can see the golden rice fields, which is very beautiful. Eequan is mainly the scenery of the spring. The scenic area has also made a more ingenious design ~ such as Jiuqu Bridge. For example, the spring road with lotus leaves gives people a feeling of the right ~ 🎫 Ticket purchase: It is recommended to buy tickets one day in advance ~ 🚗 Parking: The parking lot here is still quite adequate, no parking fee is required ~ Overall, it is still more beautiful here, it is recommended to come~"

Reasons to Recommend: Goose Spring is located in Jingxi City and has been one of the eight scenic spots in Jingxi since ancient times. Upon entering the gate of the scenic spot, along the riverside, visitors can see a towering mountain on one side and a rolling farmland on the other. A fifteen-hole arch bridge built in the Qing era can be seen moving ahead. From time to time, bamboo rafts pass beneath the bridge, which is one of the scenic spots of Goose Spring. The village connected to the bridge is called Nian'antun, where the original pastoral atmosphere is rich. The Yangyu Temple also stands next to Goose Spring. Three huge stone tablets, including the Goose Spring Pavilion Monument from the Qing Dynasty, stand in front of the temple. The tablets record the origin of the Goose Spring and poems about it.

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TOP 15
Baimo CaveClosed
820 Reviews
23.2km from downtown
Geological Sites
"Yes, very convenient, the scenery is also OK, the cave is large, the sky pit. Many people sit at the entrance of the cave or lie in the cave and enjoy magnetic therapy. The cave is very open, a cave is connected to the cave, there are 3g caves."

Reasons to Recommend: Located in the western Poyue Village, Jiazhuan Country, Bama County, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, Baimo Cave is a splendid limestone cave. Panyang River runs through it. The main scenic spots include Peacock Greeting, Monkey King of Jin Mountain and Du Fu statue, which shows the poet reciting a poem. During midsummer, numerous rock fountains flow from the top of the cave. Springs at the bottom of the cave fill up the ponds. You can wade through them in the shallow area and paddle a boat in the deep area. In the west, the springs from the cave converge with the Panyang River from Renxiang in the cave.

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TOP 16
Wuyanghe National Scenic Area
781 Reviews
11km from downtown
"As is known to all, Yunguichuan has been the gathering place of Chinese minorities since ancient times. China's beautiful scenery and many minority cultures attract a lot of tourists every year. However, many tourists come here and fall in love with it, some of them want to stay and settle down. Zhenyuan Ancient Town. It is a small town under the jurisdiction of Zhenyuan County, Miaoyao Autonomous Prefecture in southeast Guizhou. Its domestic history is older than Qingyan Ancient Town. It dates back to 2,300 years ago. So as long as tourists enter the ancient town, they will find many buildings are protected cultural relics. In addition to cultural relics, the domestic Wuyang River is the finishing touch of the ancient town. The Wuyang River is a leaking river in China that passes through the town. Its water quality is very clear. Tourists can clearly see the fish swimming in the river. Against the background of the Wuyang River, the whole town seemed as beautiful as the ancient town of Jiangnan, especially in spring, when trees were just beginning to sprout."

Reasons to Recommend: Wuyang River National Scenic Spot is located in the towns of Zhenyuan, Shibing and Huangping near Kaili City, including the Wuyang Gorges River, Yuntai Mountain, and Zhenyuan Ancient City. Wuyang River National Scenic Area integrates natural landscapes, historic sights, and ethnic customs. The unique karst landscapes are on both sides. The fresh air and elegant environment provide a good place for a relaxing vacation.

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TOP 17
Jianhe Hot Springs
480 Reviews
7km from downtown
Hot Springs Resort
"Apart from the beautiful landscape, we are enjoying the hot springs from nature, because it is natural, high grade, very close."

Reasons to Recommend: Jianhe Hot Spring City includes Shengshui Hot Spring, Hot Spring International Hotel, Yang Asa Hotel, Hot Spring Soup House, Hot Spring Bieyuan, Hot Spring Street, Hot Spring Theater, Hot Spring Cultural Museum, etc. It integrates health, health, leisure, vacation and tourism. Qingheyu is surrounded by the holy water hot spring city of Jianhe Miaoxiang. As far as the mountains are like the mountains, the mountains are green and green, and the trees are green and green. As one of the three famous springs in Guizhou, they enjoy the reputation of “Miaoxiang Shengshui”.

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TOP 18
Minjiang River Gudong Scenic Area
761 Reviews
36km from downtown
"The main thing is to experience a climbing waterfall, wear a helmet, raincoat, straw shoes, climb a short paragraph, it will not be too tired, cool in summer, you can also walk around, the air is good, other general"

Reasons to Recommend: The Gudong Waterfall is located to the south of Dagu Ancient Town in Guilin's Lingchuan County. There are many cascades of waterfalls formed by underground springs. Gudong Waterfall's most unique features are the many stone pits that have been carved into the rock. Using the attached iron chain as a handhold, visitors can enjoy the fun of climbing up the calm waterfall. When coming down the mountain, visitors will cross a suspended wooden bridge. Because the bridge is so high off the ground, visitors shaking the bridge while crossing it results in a rocking and thrilling experience.

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TOP 19
Gulongshan CanyonsClosed
477 Reviews
31km from downtown
"Hidden in the mountains of northern Guangdong. In the height difference of the mountains of the mountains, the cliffs on both sides of the cliffs, the beaches are rapid, strange rocks, deep valleys, waterfalls, cliffs and trees, and grasses are everywhere."

Reasons to Recommend: Known as Gulongshan Grand Canyons, Gulongshan Canyons is located in Jingxi County, Baise City, Guangxi Province. It is quite near Tongling Canyons. Some tourists may choose to visit these two scenic spots during their trips. The Gulongshan Canyons are known for rafting. The landscape along the canyon is unique, with dense virgin forests, splendid canyon landscapes and a number of large caves with exotic landforms. It is a must-see tourist attraction.

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TOP 20
Guilin Maoer Mountain
559 Reviews
Xing'an County
32.9km from downtown
"Maoer Mountain in Guilin is located in Xing'an County, Guilin City, and is named as the giant cat lying on its top. The main peak of Maoer Mountain is more than 2100 meters above sea level. It is often called the "top of Wuling Mountains, the top of South China's peak." As the head of the Wuling Mountains and the head of South China, it is also popular with hikers."

Reasons to Recommend: Aptly named after a main mountain peak that looks much like a huge cat lying down in repose, Guilin Maoer Mountain, which is located in Xing'an County in Guilin City, is a major water source in Guangxi. The natural forest vegetation area is located in a dense forest and contains huge hydrological benefits and also hides a completely natural green reservoir in it's dense foliage. This place is also the main source of Li River, it is as well the birthplace of the Lancang River and Xu River, which also as an added benefit connect the Pearl River and Yangtze River respectfully.

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