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Biver CloudoorNearby City

Biver Cloudoor

4.3/5220 Reviews
Ranked #7 in Zunyi Can't Miss Attractions
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"If it is not because there are too many people on National Day, there are obvious pits in the traffic set up in the scenic area, I would feel better about Yunmen Temple. Because there are too many self-driving tourists, the gate of the scenic area has not been allowed to let the car into the scenic area. It takes a walk 3.5 kilometers from the Yunmen Gate to the visitor center, and it is on the mountain road. Although there is a sightseeing station at the door, but only see the car passing, 40 minutes did not wait for a car, can only walk or hitchhike 10 yuan a person. From the visitor center to the cruise terminal is 3 kilometers, the road is relatively flat, there are two places to see the seams and rainbow waterfall, there is nothing to see Longwangtan, there are several garlic in the cave. After waiting for 50 minutes for a cruise ship, a boat can carry 27 people. Fortunately, I sat at the big picture fence and could go up to see the scenery. The essence of this scenic spot is nearly an hour's boat trip. The green mountains on both sides are lush, and the river is green and clear. After getting off the boat, I went directly to the Yunmenguan or parking lot. Non-self-driving people can take a direct train at Zunyi Hotel, depart at 9 am, directly to the visitor center; or Zunyi Spring Fort Passenger Station to the Zhongba of Sandu, about an hour's drive. You can see the entrance of the scenic spot right away, it is to walk 3.5 kilometers to the visitor center."