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Things To Do in Limassol

5 Reviews
热爱生活0618Omodos Village This historic village is only 42 kilometers away from the city of Limassol. It is the best area to appreciate the ancient rural culture of Cyprus, with pleasant scenery. It is worthy of appreciation.
Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates
8 Reviews
M48***13There are many temples of Apollo in Greece, and in Limassol, it is the oldest one, but now there are only ruined walls. Only a few temple buildings are faintly visible, but the grandeur of their glorious period can still be seen. It is definitely one of the most important ancient places of worship in ancient Greece.
Κourion Ancient Amphitheater
6 Reviews
Historical Site
渭南松赞干布The Courion Amphitheatre is located in the coastal area of Limassol, Cyprus. It was built in the second century BC and rebuilt in the second century AD. At that time, it could accommodate more than 3,500 spectators. The theater was later used for fighting beasts. Sitting in the back row of the theater, you can enjoy the view of the sea behind you.
Limassol Marina
6 Reviews
开始重生There is a charming Mediterranean port with many fishing boats moored in the port. In the evening sunset, in the quiet of the morning, there is a deep tranquility and peace. At the port, cafes and restaurants of all kinds, although lively, are not noisy at all. Even in March, the temperature is still a little bit low, walking on the street can not help but shiver, the people eating Haagen-Dazs is still full. However, people eat ice cream around the stove. This kind of stove is available in Cyprus, similar to a long chimney, or transparent or hollow metal material, you can see a string of flames, just look at it and feel warm. This charm is comparable to a fireplace in a local home. This kind of stoves placed in shops are not only found in ice cream shops, but also everywhere in restaurants, cafes, and bars. In the cold autumn and winter, people feel warm hope and strength in an instant. There are all kinds of food here. Local traditional cuisine, cuisines from all over the world. There is also a fresh fish market. It's just that when I went, I really didn't see the fish trade. Just next to the market, there are some small bars on the first floor. According to the information on the signs, the history of the bars is older than me. Unfortunately, when we went, the bar was not open for business because of the renovation of the small road next to the bar, so we couldn't get a glimpse of the style inside. On the road next to me, I also saw a traffic map with a WeChat QR code on it. This is really rare on this small European island. With joy, after scanning the code with my mobile phone, I discovered that the planning and layout of the entire block seemed to be participated or hosted by Chinese people. There are also advertisements selling properties. This advertisement is expressed in Chinese. It seems that the Chinese really have economic strength. In a huge area, I can’t see a Chinese character or a few yellow faces, but the advertisement for selling houses has been delivered to your world with decent and grace. . Here, there is still the same public beauty as in other parts of Cyprus. Their streets, no matter how lively and prosperous, are always in order. Every shop has bright and quiet windows, and the color matching of all the objects is almost perfect. Their local music is very similar to the music of Chinese Xinjiang Dance. The dance rhythm is also very similar. The way of performance is similar to that in Yunnan, China, where groups such as festivals are added. In addition, when they dance between men, they don't directly hold hands. If they want to hold hands, they will use something similar to a Chinese nunchaku. One person pinches the other to connect the two people. This may also be because the local homosexuality is legal. Because of this, in the display window of the local wedding photography shop, one side shows a group photo of a man and a woman wearing a wedding dress, and the other side shows a group photo of two men wearing a wedding dress. Readers may feel that such pictures are a bit funny and uncomfortable when imagining such scenes, but when I looked at the two sets of posters, all I saw were beauty and happiness. It seems to digress. Once you open the memory gate, you can't close it. Let me show you some pictures for yourself.
Kolossi Castle
5 Reviews
Historical Site
Military Site
渭南松赞干布Kolosi Castle is located about 14 kilometers west of Limassol, Cyprus. It was built in the 13th century. It is 21 meters high, square and 15 meters long. You can enter the castle through a suspension bridge at the gate. The castle retains medieval frescoes and a spiral staircase on the roof. This castle was once used as the final headquarters of the Knights Templar and was given by King Henry II of Cyprus. After the fall of Kolosi Castle, the Knights disbanded. The castle was later destroyed but was rebuilt. It is the best-preserved medieval castle in Cyprus and has become a famous attraction near Limassol.
5 Reviews
Historical Site
渭南松赞干布The ruins of the ancient city of Kurion are located on the mountainous land of the Limassol coastal area on the southwest coast of Cyprus. It was first developed as a colony after the Greek Achaeans invaded Cyprus from the 13th to the 14th century BC. During the rule of the Roman Empire, development reached its peak. It was severely destroyed by earthquakes in the 4th century. In the 7th century AD, after the Arabs invaded Cyprus, they gradually declined and became ruins. The main attractions are: the ruins of the House of Eustolos built between the 4th and 5th centuries AD. Visitors can admire the mosaic floor of the bathhouse; and the ancient Roman amphitheatre built in the 2nd century BC.

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Grand Mosque Limassol
Grand Mosque LimassolLimassol,Cyprus

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Koprulu Mosque
Koprulu MosqueLimassol,Cyprus

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Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum
Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor MuseumLimassol,Cyprus

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Cyprus Theater Museum
Cyprus Theater MuseumLimassol,Cyprus

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Limassol Weather

Mar 7, 2021
Partly Sunny
10 ~ 20
Mar 8, 2021
Partly Sunny
9 / 21
Mar 9, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
11 / 20
Mar 10, 2021
10 / 22
Mar 11, 2021
Partly Sunny
8 / 22
Mar 12, 2021
12 / 19
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Limassol
Mar 7, 2021 Limassol Weather:Partly Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:17-25 kph, Humidity:59%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:10/17:49
Limassol Driving:Suitable, Running:Suitable, Cycling:Suitable

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