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Things To Do in Lingao

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Rock Monument
木易真人Lingaojiao is located at the northwest corner of Hainan Island, across the Qiongzhou Strait from Dengloujiao on Leizhou Peninsula. There are lighthouses on both sides to navigate the passing ships. In April 1950, the People's Liberation Army landed here and launched the campaign to liberate Hainan Island. In Lingaojiao, there is a memorial for the liberation of Hainan Island, a memorial sculpture, and a memorial to the sacrificed soldiers of the 40th and 43rd Army. Visiting the memorial can give you a detailed history of the liberation of Hainan Island. The three-part documentary "Liberation of Hainan Island" is played in the memorial hall. There is also a century-old lighthouse built by the French. You can go to the beach near the high angle to pick up shells and corals. I picked a good coral, washed it with watering water, and put it on the trash can to dry. Turned around and took a few photos. I don’t know which third hand took the coral. gone! It's speechless!
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Hot Springs Resort
阿谦_bjThe environment is beautiful, the water quality is good, the service girl is very enthusiastic, and the price is acceptable. The shortcomings are that there is no clothes for tourists to wear during rest, and there is no supply of meals and snacks. We hope to upgrade and improve.
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jane-1100I heard that there is a flamingo 🦩, and I rushed past it. The environment is very good, the mangroves are different and it is a bit like entering the European fairy tale world. It is recommended to see it. There are alpaca 🦙 and peacock 🦚, suitable for playing with children. Flamingo 🦩 Noble and elegant, cold and colorful discipline, too like, will go again.
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National Park
L-Y-NGaoshan Ridge is located 4 kilometers northwest of Lincheng Town, Lingao County, Hainan Province. It is a provincial-level nature reserve in Hainan. There are high mountain temples and other historical sites on the high mountain ridge. Tourism has been developed here soon, with fewer tourists, good scenery and good air.
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D35***67Definitely worth the trip out to see the volcano park. I was expecting it to be a full day, however I made it round everything in 2 hours (with a break at the top of the volcano for a snack with a view). Very easy to get to, just hopped on the no.1 bus at Baishamen Park and it went directly to the volcano park.
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Bailu Beach has beautiful scenery, comfortable temperature, clean beach, soft sand, about three or five friends together around the island is a very good choice, the ideal place for leisure and holiday, the price is very high.

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