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Things To Do in Litang

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City | ​​landmark
GeographerThis life must drive 318, on the way to Tibet, will pass Litang County, which is called the World Gaocheng, but it is not suitable for living here. It is recommended to continue to drive to Batang County to live, here is also the intersection to Daocheng Yading.
53 Reviews
顺时针1986West Sichuan has world-class scenery and is a secret place worthy of in-depth travel. Summer is a good time to go to Western Sichuan. If you have been to Ruoergai, Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Yading, then choose Litang, because this is the location of Genie Mountain. It is located in Reke Township, Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, at an altitude of 6,204 meters. , Is the 13th goddess among the 24 sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Anyone who has been to the Mount Gnei will be overwhelmed by its majesty. The main peak of the Mount Gnei is covered with snow all year round, emitting a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight. This is a typical high altitude area. Sparsely populated, there is a kind of original ecology everywhere, and many places are still in the state of virgin land. Recommend a route: from Chengdu along the Chengya Expressway to Yajiang, turn to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway via Kangding and Xindu Bridge to Litang. This is a purely self-driving cross-country route. Starting from Chengdu, drive along National Highway 318, and then pass through the Maoya Prairie to drive towards Gnei Mountain, passing through the Tiejiangshan Pass at an altitude of 4750, where you can see the Gnee Peaks in a row. open. From Litang County to Batang County, most of the road sections travel on the south side of Genie Mountain. The whole distance is 230 kilometers and the driving time is about 2-3 days. It is a high-risk crossing route. The psychological and physical requirements are very high. Affected by the epidemic, starting from April 22, 2020, Gnieshen Mountain Scenic Area will be open to the public. The daily opening hours are 8:30-18:00. You must actively show your ID card and health code at the entrance management service station of the scenic area. Confirm the health status, consciously accept the temperature measurement, cooperate with the real-name registration, and fill in the visitor’s admission letter.
Baita Park
17 Reviews
Historical Architecture
enjoyzentBaita Park is a large cultural landscape in Litang County. According to legend, after the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo conquered the Mu dynasty more than a thousand years ago, he discussed with Princess Wencheng and promoted Buddhism in Kham District to commemorate this victory. Within Litang County, there is a pagoda in Litang Maoya Grassland and Kangding Xindu Bridge. The Buddhist scriptures in these three pagodas are respectively wrapped in white cloth, flower cloth and black cloth. Because the pagoda in Litang County is wrapped in white cloth, and there are precious religious relics and rare treasures such as Ye Mingzhu and Fire Dragon Ball inside the pagoda, it was named "White Pagoda". Later people used to talk about the White Pagoda. The reason why the White Tower got its name.
Daocheng Yading
6,453 Reviews
Nature Reserve
Snow Mountain
rwwishartAn absolutely phenomenal destination. Budget an entire day and make sure you get an early start as the high-altitude makes the physical exertion more taxing. Transportation is provided to the trailhead but then you’re on your own. There are lots of stairs!
Red Grassland
132 Reviews
紙飛行機在路上The Red Grassland is just 10 kilometers away from the G227 road out of Daocheng County. You need to park in the service area and pay 10 yuan for parking. Basically you will not miss it. I feel that the so-called red grass should be the chamomile flower, because during the National Day in Shangri-La, Yunnan, the chamois flower is red everywhere. The weather is very good, and the scenery taken is so beautiful.
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埃文日记Mugecuo is a scenic spot that is easy to overlook when you visit Ganzi in western Sichuan. In fact, the scenery of Mugecuo is also outstanding in western Sichuan. In addition, it is located in Kangding, which is closer to Chengdu. You can consider spending a weekend. , Come to a relaxing and pleasant trip to Western Sichuan. Mugecuo is one of the largest alpine lakes in northwestern Sichuan. It is more than 3,700 meters above sea level, with a water area of nearly four square kilometers and a water depth of more than 70 meters. The entire scenic area is developed and built around this lake, so the core scenery of Mugecuo is the mountain lake, Snow-capped mountains and vast lawns. The sightseeing in the scenic spot is very simple: take the scenic bus directly to the deepest Mugecuohaizi, and then walk backwards in turn, get on and off at each scenic spot, bus-style play. There are many large and small scenic spots in the scenic area, but the core is three major areas: Mugecuo-Yaochi Boiling Spring-Qisehai. Checking in these three locations basically completed the tour of the essence of Mugecuo. Because Mugecuo adopts a sightseeing car to make a fixed tour, the efficiency is very high. It takes 3 hours to walk around the horse and watch, but it takes more than half a day to savor it, plus round-trip transportation, it is recommended to arrange a day. The temperature difference in Mugecuo Scenic Area is very large, especially the deepest Mugecuohaizi, even if you only wear short sleeves in summer, you will feel cold and swish, but once you start to visit it, the temperature becomes warmer. For more information, please see my travel notes.

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Baita Park
Baita ParkGanzizhou,China

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Litang Weather

Feb 26, 2021
-5 ~ 12
Feb 27, 2021
-5 / 15
Feb 28, 2021
-5 / 15
Mar 1, 2021
-4 / 14
Mar 2, 2021
-5 / 10
Mar 3, 2021
-6 / 9
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Litang
Feb 26, 2021 Litang Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:18%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:49/19:15
Litang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:High

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