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Things To Do in Liuzhou

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Amusement Park
朵拉boatThe planet Calle is a great place for friends, family and children, couples, with exciting play and mysterious fairy tales, romance follows
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天下美景悠遊Baili Liujiang Night View, a must-see place in Liuzhou, although there is no luxury and gorgeous overseas beach, it is indeed a small jade, the value of the flowers is also one of the earliest designs and plans in the mainland of China. Summer night is the best place to enjoy the scenery, no matter how much you take a boat, stroll the riverside, each has its own choice, and the design of the bridge has characteristics. Can go up and down and take pictures along the river bank. There is no missing beauty. There is time to go to the Yufeng Peak Park and the Dragon Peak Park, to watch the city night and the willow night, it is wonderful. It is not a worthwhile trip, the best place. The country can't find the two scenery. Only Liu City...
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Ancient Settlement
M45***54Driving, the car can't go in, you have to change the bus, the Yi nationality gathering place, the food is OK, the weather is very hot, a little tired, too many people, can't walk, there is a show after walking a long way, you have to buy tickets again, every time you have to show your first ticket, a little trouble, Plus, I didn't book the appropriate homestay in advance, so that I couldn't book the good one. Finally, we drove away. Good and clean homestay needs to be strengthened.
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M45***54The bird's nest sits a beautiful performance, beautiful, full of plots and fun, after watching the children can fully speak out the folk customs of the Dong people, parents also seem to return to the young time, worth a visit
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Observation Deck
HoSnowIt's easy for the outlander to think it's the Diwang Building, and then navigation is... Directly walking the high square is okay to find some. I went during the day, parking is convenient, and spending the air plank can be free for a few hours. The scenery is really good. Friends who are afraid of heights can enjoy food and beauty in the afternoon tea package indoors. Skywalk wear their own sneakers without changing shoes, wear glasses and friends wear a rope, not afraid to see not clear. The coach will teach the pose, the film is very good. Just the photos need to pay 20 yuan separately, charge by head, about 20 photos. It is a heartbeat can accelerate the characteristic experience, not serious fear of height friends can try, or watching the distance from the side of the foot suddenly blowing a gust of wind or a little panic. Afternoon snack tastes good. After the tour, go to the top floor to see the beautiful scenery of Liuzhou. You can look at the telescope, it is charged.
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Rock Monument
精光葫芦娃Shimen Xianhu Scenic Area is the first national 3A-level tourist scenic spot in Rong'an County, located in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, with a high gorge out of the Pinghu Lake and a beautiful natural landscape of the dark river. Famous scenic spots include Zhennan Guan, Mt. Shizu, Longshou Cliff and so on.

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Malushan Qishi Expo Scenic AreaLiuzhou,China

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Dule Scenic AreaLiuzhou,China

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Longnvgou Scenic AreaLiuzhou,China

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Junwu Forest ParkLiuzhou,China

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Liuzhou Sports Center (East Gate)Liuzhou,China

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About Liuzhou

Liuzhou is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region. It has all kinds of gorgeous natural karst formations. If you want to see landscape that represents Liuzhou, then Longtan Park is an excellent place to visit. Here there are all kinds of wonderful mountain peaks, jade-green lakes and dark mysterious caves. Liuzhou also has many ethnic minorities and is rich with ethnic style. For example, Chengyang Bridge Scenic Resort hosts folk performances by the local Kam people against a beautiful historic backdrop.

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