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Xiangshui Waterfall

Xiangshui Waterfall

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"This scenic area is also free. Not only that, it also has places to park, and the parking is also free. Xiangshui is called Xiangshui because there is a small waterfall here, so no boat can go up anymore. Of course, there is a splash in the waterfall. There was a rush of water, so it was sounding. The road next to it can always lead to Xiangqiao Geopark, which is a famous scenic spot in Luzhai. I have been there, but I will not go this time. It will not be far to drive there when I have time. The small waterfall is quite beautiful. Although it is not as good as the waterfall in Huangguoshu, people can walk on it, so you can play in the water or waterfall in the true sense. But we didn't wear sandals and didn't prepare too many shoes. Considering that the water was still cold and worried about getting sick, we didn't go any further. But young people can go down, there is no problem, very happy, a few young people went down and walked all the way upstream, I know, there is a stone forest upstream, I saw it when I drove to Xiangqiao, it was pretty good . If you want to play with waterfall water, this is a good place, there is no danger, the water is clean, I think there is everything that should be there, I don’t think there is anything that shouldn’t be, it’s just a small natural waterfall, that’s enough, no more what. In the land between the river and the highway, there are rape flowers in some places. It is just opening at this time. The natural field scenery can also be tasted. Female compatriots like this most..."