Livingstone Shire
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Things To Do in Livingstone Shire

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亭亭向阳There are quite a lot of people who come to this small island to dive. The water is very clear, very clean, and the natural environment is very good!
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TodemmyIn the Lodge, Koorana Crocodile Farm is a must visit place. When you pass some very nice neighborhoods, it is nice to drive to the foot of the mountain, and the car up the mountain is also very beautiful. It is bent in some places, but it is not a bad drive at all. The temperature above is a few degrees lower than this, so be prepared. Also prepare for the beautiful scenery of the city and nearby valleys.
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Observation Deck
TodemmyThis place is very windy. Suitable for taking some cool photos. Nothing great. We look forward to seeing actual shipwrecks. But there is nothing. Great place to sit and watch the sunset with wine
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Nearby City
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TodemmyThere are many ponds and one is suitable for the public to swim. The trails here are great, suitable for the whole family to take a walk with children. It is not far from the hill viewing platform, it is a 10-minute walk, and the trails are not steep, no matter if you are in a wheelchair , And tourists who are still pushing strollers can come to visit. There is a large children’s play area and there is a bathing beach on the other side of the mountain.
Nearby City
3 Reviews
TodemmyTickets and a dedicated explanation are 32.5 yuan. At first I thought it was quite expensive because the appearance did not look much. After entering, I found it very amazing, especially the cave church. When the chant is played, the sound effect makes people feel like in heaven. It is comfortable, and there are many bats with a big palm. They are very gentle and do not need to be afraid. They are suitable for families to go together. The price is definitely worth it.

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Great Keppel IslandLivingstone Shire,Australia

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Wreck Point Scenic LookoutLivingstone Shire,Australia

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Yeppoon Main BeachLivingstone Shire,Australia

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Koorana Crocodile FarmLivingstone Shire,Australia

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