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Self-driving Tianmu Lake, Shanmei Shuimei fish head fresh! The busy work of the week is finally over. On weekends, I will meet with friends and start from Shanghai. I will drive the pure electric SUV Ruihu e, which is the latest listing of Chery New Energy, to Changzhou, which is known as Jiangnan Pearl and Green Wonderland. Tianmu Lake. Everyone who has been to Tianmu Lake knows that Tianmu Lake is known as Jiangnan Pearl and Green Wonderland. It is an excellent scenic spot and one of the most popular self-driving destinations in the Yangtze River Delta. Itinerary: Shanghai - Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway - Xiyi Expressway - Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway - under the mouth of Fuyang South Road. Shanghai to Tianmu Lake, about 250 kilometers one way, starting from Shanghai in the morning, almost three hours later, it will reach the Tianmu Lake on the beautiful mountain. The first time I drove a pure electric energy vehicle, I have to say that the control of Tiggo e is much simpler than I thought. It is especially easy to get started. The pure electric car is equipped with a smart bracelet and is activated by one button. At the same time, its maximum speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour. The performance at high speed is not bad, driving is full of fun. Because it is self-driving, it is really not recommended to go to the scenic spot to buy tickets. It is recommended to drive along the lake. The scenery along the way is really beautiful, you can stop and go as you like, and you can also enjoy the eyes from many angles. The lake's lakes and mountains and the beauty of the quiet, coupled with the dynamic and handsome appearance of the Tiggo e, is a beautiful scenery. Originally worried that the Tiggo e's battery life is not enough, I did not expect its comprehensive working condition cruising range of 401 kilometers, can be said to be full of power, do not need to have the slightest concern. At the same time, because it is the first self-driving Tiggo energy car, its driving experience is easier and simpler than expected. The car is equipped with a smart bracelet, which can be started with one button and the maximum speed can reach 160 kilometers per hour. About accommodation: There are various types of resort hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and farmhouses in Tianmu Lake. Many choose depending on your budget. Self-driving tourists are advised to stay at the Tianmu Lake for one night, choose a room where you can see the lake view, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset and the starry night of the next Tianmu Lake! TIPS: Many people are worried that the charging piles of energy vehicles are not enough. However, the self-driving Tianmu Lake has come down and found that there are charging piles in the high-speed service areas along the way. Many hotels and parking lots also have charging piles. In terms of time, Tiggo e chooses the fast charge mode, the charge can be from 30% to 80% for half an hour, and the cost is only 30-40 yuan, which is very cost-effective.
Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort
Hidden in the resort town of Jiangsu, the hot spring hotel in the forest punches! ~ is a county-level city in Jiangsu governed by Changzhou. There are many people in Changzhou, Nanjing and Suzhou, but there are very few people in Xiangyang. It seems that if you talk about Fuyang, it seems very ordinary. Nothing can be impressive. But today I am talking about a hot spring hotel in Fuyang. This hotel is located in Fuyang City, Jiangsu Province. In the Longtan Forest between Fuyang City and Nanshan Bamboo Sea, the air has not been said. This is a great place for a holiday. You can come alone or with your family. Everyone has their own hot spring pool, so you can have a happy time alone or with your family. Talking and chatting, and the pools here are all real hot spring waters~~ So it is very beneficial to the body! ~ In the middle of the mountain, the Meiyang Mountain Wild Spring Resort is really a place to awaken the child. This time, it happened to be a perfect home for the fireflies that the hotel spent 10 years. Each firefly can only glow for 15 days, and the habitat requirements are very high, so now they can't see them in the city!! Oh, so its really very rare to see it here! ! The hotel is worth punching in: Each room in the hotel has its own private pool, the hot spring is the hotel's speciality, so be sure to make a soak! ~ And the hotel only has about 30 rooms, so it is very important to book early if you want to go! ! There is also the firefly mentioned. The fireflies here are not one or two. It is a large piece called "Light Sea". At night, they will form a whole "Starry Sky" if Bring the other half to confess, I think it will succeed~ and I must remember to come early, there is no firefly in winter, hahahaha~~
As a county-level city under Changzhou, Fuyang has a small urban area, but the neighborhood is clean and tidy. Compared with Anji, which is similar to it, Fuyang is easier to reach. Tianmu Lake relies on the lore of the three provinces, and the forest vegetation coverage rate is as high as 95%, which has become an emerging popular travel destination.

The "Yuhu Peninsula Hot Spring Hotel" occupies its geographical advantage. The three face the lake and witness the mountains and green forests. The opposite is the landscape garden. It is adjacent to Taigong Mountain and Zhuangyuan Pavilion, and is about 30 minutes drive from Nanshan Bamboo Sea.

The combination of yellow and brown furniture, without losing the charm of Jiangnan, elegant and full of new ideas. Lying in bed, you can look at Tianmu Lake without any difficulty, and appreciate the beauty of the mountains covered with forest. With the light rain dripping from the window, I feel that returning to nature is natural.

The five outdoor hot spring pools in the hotel will feature different themes depending on the season. Rose Pool? Ginseng Pool? Or Milk Pond? In the misty water, feel the skin is steamed well~

The patio courtyard of the restaurant and the pyramid of the basement pool are integrated into each other. The ingredients for dinner are very fresh. The liver and wild mountain bamboo shoots are fried and the tortoise fish and tofu are more than simple. By the way, the craftsmanship of the grass bag Umi is popular. I have eaten the heart of the Tianmu Lake casserole fish head ~

Address: No. 8, Huanhu East Road, Tianmu Lake, Tianmuhu Town, Puyang City, China

Take a taxi and arrive in about 10 minutes.
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