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Things To Do in Lohberg

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Ancient Settlement
真诚7577Pearson's main commercial street is lined with baroque and neoclassical buildings, while in the old town there is usually an old town hall square surrounded by Renaissance buildings and Gothic churches. The beer making process here is world-famous
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乖小咪The Westfalen Stadium in Dortmund is one of the most famous football stadiums in Germany. This is the home of the famous Dortmund team, and it becomes a sea of fans every weekend. If you have the chance, you must come to watch a wonderful football match, which will definitely impress you.
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为爱痴狂qqThe Beer Museum located on the Beer Line is also one of the most famous attractions here, with lots of rumors and stories about beer, a lot of craftsmanship and gas gatherings to give us a taste of beer and lots of interesting experience activities Excellent value for money as a tourist attraction
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AlfonsoVery nice tour. Came here on a Saturday on December and was not overly crowded. The tour itself goes for about 110 minutes so plenty things to see. Much recommended
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翱翔的大鲨鱼Pilsen is more than an hour’s drive from Prague. In addition to the world-famous Pilsen Brewery, there is also the second largest synagogue in Europe. The Christmas market in Pilsen is just next to the square church. And this is probably the market where I have seen the most traditional Czech elements in it.
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乖小咪The Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau is the largest and most magnificent Catholic church here, with a history of more than 500 years. The entire church building is magnificent and has exquisite carvings. The statues and frescoes inside are also very exquisite, worthy of the main church, the specifications are really very high.

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