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In the museum's show, the Italian street brand MSGM MSGM is a brand that combines simple mashups to create their own style. It combines the inspiration from contemporary art music to create a brand that belongs to them. Features. There are not many people who know this brand. This is the first time that a young brand was founded in 2008. The core is made in Italy, so each piece of their clothes is said to be done locally and then sold to other places. Therefore, for the workmanship and fabrics, the brand can be said to be very good. MSGM's design is very bold, all with a variety of bright colors and lines as a match, all the clothes worn on the body feels exuding pleasure and vitality. Oh, and their designs are full of modernity, simple and lively yet elegant, giving people full of rich fashion details. Because of this design, MSGM has received many stars' love, and then gradually entered everyone's vision~ This time, Milan Fashion Week MSGM's show was actually held in the Italian Design Museum, maybe Is it to highlight that their theme is innovative design? Therefore, the layout of the venue can be said to be very difficult! The whole show is held in the open air, the weather in Milan is really very hot, so we must insist on watching the whole field, not to mention the model, even the show itself must be heated up! In order to capture the good photos in the front row, some photographers are directly sitting on the ground under the sun. I really admire the ~ clothes released this time, and the brand continues to be the core of the brand: bold and bold Colors and prints. The whole show gives people the feeling of being "normal" in addition to the heat, because you feel that the clothes are not picking people at all, no matter who wears them, they will look good~
Milan Cathedral
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
If you want to feel the classics of the bones and the fashion of Milan, then go to the promenade of Emanuele II. It is not important whether you are picking up your hands. It is important that you dont need to speak through words. among them. Close to the main church of Dumo, the other end is the Scala Theatre, so the flow of people and fame can be described as a big explosion, a bunch of luxury goods inside... hurriedly passed... The name of the gallery comes from the first king after the reunification of Italy. It is located in the prominent position on the north side of the Piazza Duomo in Milan and connects to Scala Square. The northern exit of the arcade is directly accessible, to the Da Vinci Square and La Scala Opera House, and to the south exit to Milan Cathedral. Of course, the most eye-catching is that there are many top luxury fashion shops on both sides of the glass dome arcade. There are also many cafes, restaurants, bookstores and burger shops. I am afraid that no one will not be surprised when they are under the covers. The top corridors converge in the central octagonal space, where art and fashion blend together, standing here looking down at the bull mosaics, which are said to be good for luck (Figure 6). The light is projected on this round glass roof, reflecting the relief on the wall and the painted bricks on the ground. The light and the shadows are combined, the extra attention is noticeable, the height is high enough, and the golden light shines. Give a feeling of grandeur. The heel of the right foot is stepping on the genital part of the bull, and turning three times in a clockwise direction, you can make a wish and bless your heart. It is impossible to avoid it.
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