#eatinglikeitalians at “Trattoria La Stella” in Soave of Porto Mantovano (Mantova). Highly advised! Local ingredients and traditional local recipes but also modernity. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The restaurant is not too far from Mantova, which is a beautiful city to visit. #tripaway #deliciousfood #influencerfoodie #instagramworthydestinations #awesomepic #unforgettableexperiences #travelinspiration #tripaway #tripfoodie
Posted: 25 Mar 2021
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Sirmione is partly set on a peninsula that is stretched for about 4 km in the low Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. The meridional city of the largest lake in Italy is an important cultural and health centre. The peninsula is about 30 km above sea level and it offers an incredible panorama. Sirmione is famous for the unique charm of its old town centre, with its narrow and irregular alleys, for the Thermal Baths of Catullus, for the churches "Santa Maria Maggiore" and "San Pietro" in Mavino, for the ruin of the Roman Villa of the poet Catullus, known also as "Grotta di Catullo". In Colombare in Sirmione, the weekly market takes place every Monday while in Lugana in Sirmione it takes place on Friday. These invite to wander in order to admire the antiques, the local products, the clothing, bags and shoes. After an active morning around the market, you can allow yourself a delicious meal in one of the inviting restaurants in the historical alleys of Sirmione. Daily trips are organised in order to explore the most beautiful places around Sirmione, including boat tours. The ruins of the biggest and most important Roman villa in the north of Italy is set on the last of the three hills of Sirmione. The building rises divided in three floors, whose bearing walls and columns are the only remains. Among the main places of interest, there is the small museum near the town’s entrance that exposes various finds as bronze objects, coins, sculptures or graffiti rests. A further important building is the "Castello Scagliero" in Sirmione with its typical swallowtail battlement, which was built as a protection for the low Lake Garda and for the fleets in the harbour. Many events animate the historical Sirmione for the whole year, as for example cultural expositions and concerts. During the summer months, many other interesting events take place. Enjoy a holiday in the name of relax in one of the most beautiful cities on Lake Garda. #mynovgetaway #thanksgiving #mynovgetaway#thanksgiving
Lake Como
There are few places as romantic as Lake Como, and even fewer lakeside towns as charming as Bellagio. Called "the Pearl of Lake Como", Bellagio is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation with pizzazz and enchanting panoramas. Bellagio is situated in a picturesque position on Lake Como, on the tip of the promontory which juts into the lake and separates it into two branches, with Como to the west and Lecco to the east. The town has always had an aristocratic dignity, and has drawn respite seekers for centuries. It has an elegant air yet with the water sports and mountain activities, is not a stuffy place, either. The most ancient part of Bellagio occupies that area at the end of the promontory and is known as 'the Borgo'. It is a pretty combination of stairways lined with colorful shops with the finest quality merchandise and excellent restaurants, little piazzas and sidewalk cafes. Numerous little characteristic hamlets are scattered both along the lake and the hilly slopes above the Borgo, and there are walking paths connecting them. Arcades with shops below, flower boxes, decorative iron balconies and cobbled lanes make for an attractive atmosphere. Bellagio retains Old World appeal. Because it has been a getaway for wealthy dignitaries, there are many villas around the town, some with spectacular gardens. Don't miss Villa Melzi's garden with scultpures and the park of Villa Serbelloni. A scenic spot you'll want to visit is Punt Spartivento, literally "divide the wind" where the promontory comes to a point in the lake. Stop for a drink in the warm wood-laid historic Caffe Rossi, which retains the fittings and charm of a by-gone age, with tables under the arcade. The Museum of Navigational Instruments is an interesting stop, and there are plenty of water sports, boat trips and hikes in the hills to enjoy, too. A tourist train lets you see a bit further afield, or you can catch a ferry to Varenna for a day. #mynovgetaway #thanksgiving #mynovgetaway#thanksgiving