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About London

As the capital of the United Kingdom, London bears much of Great Britain’s glory, and it is here that the traditional British ambiance is both deeply rooted and carried forth. The lofty figures of the imposing Parliament Building and London Tower Bridge are landmarks of London, and you can easily view this classical architecture by taking a tourist boat along the Thames River. At the same time, as one of the world's three major financial centers and a place where all cultures of the world gather together, London is also rapidly modernizing. There are art galleries and a forest of skyscrapers, and riding up on the London Eye, which symbolized the new millennium, you can enjoy London's beautiful skyline!

Popular Attractions in London

The British Museum
2,256 Reviews
The British Museum is one of the three greatest museums in the world. It features a rich collection of rare works. The museum was the first to display the Rosetta Stone in its Egyptian Hall. The stone stele is inscribed with a decree in three different languages, and was the invaluable key to understanding language and culture in ancient Egypt. In addition, there are more than 23,000 Chinese relics housed here, the likes of which are rare even in Beijing’s Forbidden City or the National Palace Museum in Taipei.
Buckingham Palace
1,576 Reviews
Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British royal family since the 19th century. Currently, it is the London location in which the Queen spends most of her time. The palace is splendid both inside and outside. Some of the more than 600 rooms in the palace include the Throne Room, White Drawing Room, Ballroom and Picture Gallery. At the gates of Buckingham Palace, the Changing the Guard (or Guard Mounting) ceremony by the Queen's Guard takes place at 11 a.m. most days of the week. It attracts and interests tourists from around the world. Marching with great pomp and precision to military music and shouted orders, the guards—dressed in traditional red coats and bearskin hats—do a drill performance and salute.
The London Eye
2,156 Reviews
Ferris Wheel
The London Eye is also known as the Millennium Wheel and was built to usher in the new millennium. This giant ferris wheel sits on the South Bank of the River Thames and has become one of the London skyline's landmarks. It is currently the most popular tourist attraction in London, hosting over 3.75 million visitors every year. Sitting in a capsule on the London Eye, visitors enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city of London spread out below. Once night begins to fall, the area surrounding the Eye transforms into a fantastical dreamscape. Taking a ride in the London Eye at sunset paints an unforgettable picture of the gorgeous city.
Tower Bridge
1,335 Reviews
The London Tower Bridge is one of London's iconic landmark structures. It is a bascule and suspension bridge that crosses the mighty Thames. It is also a drawbridge. The two bascules can lift to an angle of 86 degrees to let river traffic to pass. On a visit to the The London Tower Bridge, you can stand with the Thames at your back for an unforgettable photo, or you can slowly stroll along the bridge's high-level pedestrian walkways while gazing out at the scenery on either bank of the river.

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Trip Moments

London Food | Chinese city treasures packages do pot! CHALIDA - Thai Tapas & Hot Pot 17 Wardour St, London W1D 6PJ in the Chinese city of London, this so delicious Chinese people eat hot pot turned out to be nothing, and yesterday a lot of friends to try the food! We are quite good! Seafood platter did not expect such a large number, as well as salmon and shrimp squid,  taste pretty good! Exceptionally tender and particularly fresh! Meat platter is one full serving of meat. The amount looks okay, but skinny beef rolls because he is not the kind of supermarket to buy. This beef is very thick slices of meat to the real deal Cheng Si! Pork platter because there are many relationship of fat, down to Tom Yum Kung feeling pretty good, juicy pork soup and a sense of integration just right! Green curry chicken probably a little two chicken, rice can eat, should be pretty good. Fried bean curd hot pot next to still have that feeling fried, very good to eat da! I think Tom Yum Kung soup with it better! Fish tofu a considerable amount, eat half already full, you can lower half was half copies. Mango Sticky Rice Mango Sticky Rice authentic, this humble Thai food is really absolutely! Mango sweet, glutinous rice with coconut milk taste particularly delicious! In short, is a restaurant worth eating! The two girls will be able to order meat, pork platter meat platter are ok! You will not be disappointed.
Posted: 18 Jul 2019
London Bicester most substantial buy shopping Raiders Bicester near Oxford in place, take a train from London to Bicester morning, the best time to open the door. Monday to Saturday are open at 9, Sunday 10:00 to open the door! Before going to China tourists must take the CUP card, you can exchange at the counter at the entrance of additional discount! UnionPay cards are other benefits to the user's Oh! I enjoy most of the shops are a discount! If visitors can also refund! Simply cheaper to explode! One goes into the park a Burberry! At that time most goods neat! What colour is very good looking! Burberry is two floors. The first floor is the women's, men's upstairs. T Xu is generally around 100 pounds a lot of colour! You can pick to my father or boyfriend. Coat on the first floor, there are many models, khaki and white, very nice! Scarf Style is not much, could not buy a classic. If you want to buy a wallet, then give it away! Burberry very suitable, super low price! Style is also more! 2 Gucci Ole line and line counters are not the same, so here are relatively uncommon bag style, clothes and belts are not a lot of models, need to be carefully Amoy! 3 Coach Bicester coach does not like money, like many discounts are meager, coupled with the now very fashionable style, suitable for young people carrying out travel! 4 Maxmara I personally like Maxmara, and this stock is full, Maxmara various product lines have, I picked the white shirt is very suitable to wear to work, they are by colour-coded, so good looking! If you want to buy max mara mainline brand, then to see the mark oh! General younger cute little max mara not the mainline, but does not affect their design and aesthetics it! 5 Jimmy Choo Jimmy here If Choo can seriously Amoy, then it is very cost-effective, I just went and June sale season! Shoes are half price feeling! It is time to buy! 6  Swarovski store is not in the main street, a lot of people will not even notice! Here the style looks good, and then an additional 10% off almost one-third to half the domestic price to win! I think to give it away very affordable! 7 Prada Prada store is also high. The general began lining up at noon, want to buy should even as early as possible! Women's clothes and shoes still can buy some good stuff! I think the general style of the bag! Bicester Loewe, the Empress Dowager, Dior shop like there! We can well ahead of the Raiders go shopping!  It can save time! Around four or five in the afternoon, you can almost walk around! If you want to eat here, the landscape and Bicester in front of a restaurant are good da! The rushed lunch resolve to continue to start shopping now!
Posted: 12 Aug 2019
Metro to Aldgate East station, within walking distance. East London very famous graffiti art, the good would have heard of this place. East London was once seen as a filthy, Longshehunza, high crime dark place since cutting-edge artists stationed, this place became a gathering place for people of avant-garde fashion, just like West London and styles. Beginning to Brick Lane in London is directed at the full wall of graffiti in this place. Guangzhao to indulge in a variety of flea markets and secondhand stores. Here the Raiders do not have to do anything. He walked to discover surprises, the appearance of the building blocks are all artists canvas, with a variety of beautiful, brain graffiti hole wide open, it is an excellent place to take pictures. There are dozens of vintage clothing second-hand shop. If you want a pair of shoes or the ever-popular worn leather jacket, this will be your best choice in London. Some street artists will collaborate with advertisers, with their art to make money, of course, depends on the style, some street art style is delicate for the public to accept, but there is some favorite was the public.
Posted: 24 Nov 2018
There are a few branches of Daunt Books in London. The one located here in Marylebone High Street is the most famous. It is known as London’s most picturesque bookstore. It’s built in the time of Edward VII and is exemplary of the luxurious beauty you’ll see in the Georgian era. You’ll primarily find books in travel literature, poetry, short fiction, inspector’s stories and biographies here. There are no difficult works like Philosophy and scientific books. All books are organized in country and regional order. You can also call it a world bookstore. The bookstore is divided into 3 floors, 60% of the space is dedicated to travel books. The ground floor is home to the largest number of books. You’ll find books on travel around the world here, including China. The categorization is really something else here. Address: 83-84 Marylebone High St, Marylebone, London W1U 4QW. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 - 19:30. Sunday: 11:00 - 18:00. Beautiful bookstores themselves are a wonderful sight to behold. Constructed when Edward VII reigned, this bookstore recalls the luxury and grandeur of the Georgian era. Lights shine onto visitors and items below from the glass ceiling. At the end, relics and sculptures in glass will take your breath away. There are over 40,000 books in collection at Daunt Books. From travel books to fiction and recipe books, all kinds of books here are organized per country and geographic regions.
Posted: 24 Nov 2018
Named the “world’s most fashionable museum”, the Victoria & Albert Museum is a fun, enjoyable, fashionable place to visit. You’d really want to take home every single piece of clothing on display. You’ll feel as if you’re in an actual clothing shop. Plus, the cafe inside the museum is what I’d highly recommend to you all. Once you set foot in it you wouldn’t want to leave. The extravagant and luxurious retro style makes you feel like you are part of Britain’s high society. In the rest area outside, you’ll see plenty of folks sunbathing. It’s really quite cold, but can you see a baby running around in just a diaper and bare feet? So jealous of kids who get to roam free. The V&A Museum has 4 famous collection areas. 1. The Oriental collection, showcasing art works from China, India, Japan, Korea and Islamic Kingdoms; 2. Western art collection. In this area you’ll find a huge Trajan column dating from the Roman times. Along the column you will find relics depicting Trajan winning the war against Daria. The relic is extremely well-defined and authentic. 3. Ancient musical instruments collection, with Western instruments from various periods. 4. Fashion and design collection. Here you will find more about the development of fashion designs and famous pieces from contemporary fashion. Like most museums in the UK, getting into the permanent exhibitions at the V&A is entirely free of charge. However, you will find a donation box at the front entrance. Visitors can donate as they’d wish. Entering themed exhibitions and galleries will require extra admission fees. However, it’s totally worth the price! The exhibition is divided into 2 stories. There are fewer items on the lower floor but you can visit for free.
Posted: 11 Dec 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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