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Covent Garden
Madame Lena
Natural History Museum
As an international metropolitan city, London is home to a huge array of various types of museums. In the tens of museums in London, the first one is obviously the famous Natural History Museum. I have decided to head to this place purely out of a fun misunderstanding. I kept thinking this is where the movie “Night at the Museum” was shot. in fact, the entire trilogy of the “Night at the Museum” was not filmed here.
The Natural History Museum is a historic Victorian building. Here you will find over 70 million items of global history and biological evolution on exhibition. The time frame of these items span from the Jurassic times, to the 19th Century when Charles Darwin publicized his Evolution Theory. The Natural History Museum is also a globally renowned center for research, specializing in the categorization, identification and preservation of biological beings. The building itself is also one not to be missed - it is a work of art typical of England’s traditional architectural style.
The Natural History Museum is separated into 4 main exhibition zones and are marked with different colors, which are orange, blue, green and red. Blue is known for its exhibition of items pertaining to the dinosaurs and mammals. It is also the most popular zone in the entire museum. Red Zone is the geology zone. Not only do you get to experience for yourself what an earthquake feels like and see a mock explosion of a volcano, you can also learn about the Big Bang and what our solar system would look like a couple billion of years from now. The Green zone is a zone for life and environment. Here you will primarily find fossils from birds, reptiles and minerals. The Orange Zone is the Wildlife biological garden and the Darwin center. A lot of free family events are hosted here regularly.
Notting Hill
Notting Hill located on the west side of London is a very unique corner of the city. A lot of people likely heard and knew of it because of the movie “Notting Hill”. The most famous spot is definitely the travel bookstore where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant met. Perhaps as Hugh Grant said in the movie, only interesting folks live in this part of town.
From the outside you’ll see an array of various colorful houses, with flowers in full bloom on the balconies. All sorts of very well-designed storefronts can be seen here. Overall, you’ll find surprises around every corner.
Try to come here during the weekend, as there is a place here called Portobello Market, one of Notting Hill’s most popular markets. There are over 2,000 antique sellers here, and with influencers opening shop here too. Coats sell in this market are great. Even though they are street-side stalls, the price isn’t actually cheap at all.

See the door handles in this photo here? What a collection.

My recommendation here is still a list of various neighborhoods which I really like.
For people who are fans of the Sherlock Holmes movie, check out Baker Street.
In comparison to Shoreditch and Red Brick Lane, Neil street District is a lot more refined with more fashionable trends and goods. These are all highly popular among young people.
In Notting Hill, the focus is definitely on the movie “Notting Hill”. The market is a huge attraction.
London Food, Michelin two-star Core by Clare Smyth, 92 Kensington Park Rd, London, W11 2PN; this restaurant is now rated as two-star Michelin, located in London near Notting Hill. A friend said into the store feeling is that the main reason people are women. Bar, always delicate, forests also very strong. The restaurant needs to book in advance, I was a month and a half in advance, and then given to the weekday 9:00: 45 position, directly eat the next morning! Getting there at the bar, into the future there is a long table, right side up the stairs is the main dining area, the overall warm yellow light looks quite romantic, open kitchen on the left, you can see the chefs busy. The restaurant has classics, and seasonal set, my friend and I chose a 115 lbs of classics and usual game 85 lbs. On the Isle of Mull scallop tartare Wobble focus on creating a sense of forest and jungle, nest-like pad at the bottom, after the open shellfish design is excellent, very fresh and tender taste coupled with a vegetable stew of green one o'clock, accompanied by green ornament plant! Potato and roe very ordinary potato, do also touches ingenuity! Style is exceptional, and then chose the small potatoes, feeling the moderate hardness, coupled with the surface of herring and trout roe, especially delicate! Skate bottom cod is very fresh. Everything is spread out, and then with butter and Swiss chard, unique design, and taste! Shape Lamb carrot carrots cute, plus grape-flavored pork slices covered last time, next to a white circle, the interior is a green embellishment, though a bit salty to eat indescribable sense of design and, but put create a feeling of nature on the disc unique! Duck and red grapes dish are worth a good talk, do like two leaves boat, duck is a big piece, like a dolphin glass surface embellishment of the ball. The other half is to eat lovely feeling, the whole dish as well as thyme and honey! Core apple dessert apple color value is high. There is an exceptional mousse taste, acidic taste! Pink grapefruit pink grapefruit, slice the surface plus a lot of icing, as well as mud grapefruit and grapefruit slices, sweet and sour combination to the extreme! Sharpham Park spelled chicken oyster taste very special, not too fishy, but also similar to rice as part of caviar tastes good penetration! Wobble like a real bird's nest! Oxtail stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road! Stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road! Stuffed Roscoff onion a beautiful dish! Because of the particularly good quality beef, cut to the inside a little red, but especially fresh! I highly recommend this road!
Night to London not to be missed, so the evening is the direction Shard. By the way, online reservation on the 33rd floor of the Shard Hutong restaurant, because with children was worried that he would eat British food are not used. So you have to look at China as appropriate to meet the stomach, eating right should be almost dark. It can be directed upstairs to see at night, thought for a moment, it seems that nothing is a more appropriate choice - although the internet has seen the photos of the restaurant, but when we come personally, or some small stunning. Security needs, and then take the elevator exclusive, up from the first floor to the 33rd floor needs only ten seconds, the door to see a row of red lanterns festive, does have a thick atmosphere of Beijing Hutong, which the waiters are Asian faces. All dressed in double-breasted costume. You see, these are very intimate in the UK. You can glance at the restaurant alley downtown views across London. The whole floor is the floor to ceiling windows, and tables are placed around the windows, no matter what angle can enjoy the scenery, eat apart at any time and will be able to find a corner to London group photo. These I probably have eaten since the birth of the most expensive dishes, about 1000 per capita, although a little high, but seeing dry stir green beans, bean curd, fried rice and so I kind of feel familiar home. Taste reasonably authentic, not to cater to the feelings of foreigners away changed, this point is worth praise. Foreigners and Chinese restaurant probably 50-50 ratio, or more recommended punch, after all, ultra-fabulous ~ remember the scenery before going to an appointment in advance!

The London Eye
Bri Elise
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