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Nankun Shanju Hot Spring Resort
In the wetland park of Nankunshanju Hot Spring Resort, you can see the idyllic scenery of 10,000 acres. The guests who come here to enjoy the fun of riding the bicycles in the woods to breathe the fragrance of nature. It is a pity that the sun has not been pleased with us. It has been slow to show up for two days, and the weather is cold. The bicycle trip has to be abandoned and changed to a walking tour. Even if there is no good weather in the sun, as long as you have beautiful eyes, you can take beautiful photos everywhere. Sitting on the small bench by the lake, a cold feeling of late autumn into the winter came from the picture. A row of unknown trees on the lake is covered with golden yellow leaves. It seems to fall and fall, walking in the forest, and instantly there is a sense of sight in the late autumn. Lunch recommendation: Authentic Hakka cuisine I used to think that Hakka flavor is not my own dish. The taste is light and it is not suitable for the spicy Hunan people. It turns out that it is just not eating authentic Hakka. Just the dishes! Under the strong recommendation of my friends, I tried to make a few mistakes and completely changed my stereotype of Hakka dishes. Pig's feet are my favorite, the pork feet are just right, not too bad to eat and chew. The Longmen Beard Chicken is the signature dish of the hotel. It is also a local speciality of Longmen. The practice of white-cut chicken keeps the original flavor of the chicken. It is cooked slowly and served with a secret sauce. It is smooth and delicious, and the entrance is instant. Shrimp fried pit snail: the perfect match of shrimp and snail meat, through the stir-fry, the taste is delicious! Farmhouse fried stuffed with three treasures: the ingredients are eggplant, pepper, cold melon and meat glue. Hakka people like to brew vegetables, the most famous stuffed tofu is from Hakka. This three treasures are eaten together, refreshing and not greasy
Longmen Wandong Ancient Village scenic spot, the whole village is an antique village, integrating Lingnan characteristic culture into the design of the village. The village is embedded with small bridges, door openings, lanes, gray spaces and other classical elements, with wood, stone and tile. The materials such as copper and the like constitute the simple and natural pot-and-oil wall profile, the auspicious stone carving, the green brick and the tile, the animal husbandry and the remote fingering, and the Lingnan style cultural visual form, creating a classical Chinese cultural situation and enhancing the Lingnan humanistic feelings of the Wandong ancient village. Strolling in the village, there are few tourists, and you can still feel the remnants of its legacy. It is like a moment to return to the ancient area. There are many old people living in the village. There are life memories everywhere, and they happen to catch up. A song performance by a local autonomous organization, feeling the quiet life under the reverberation. There is a flower sea not far from Wandong Ancient Village. The flower sea is full of colorful small flowers, the sea is full of mountains and waters, the lake and the mountains are romantic and beautiful, just like the colorful countryside in the dream. Picture, everything is so quiet, everything is so beautiful.
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