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Yefeng VillageNearby City

Yefeng Village

4.4/5299 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Xiamen Beautiful Beaches
"Xiao Guo found metro line 3⃣️ a few days ago. Benefits outside the 3⃣️ port of the railway station This two days weekend came to round the island road Fengzhai scattered 🌊 Also found 🆓 free benefits ❗️ - yeah . Xizhetianzhu, 🎁 Welfare Yongxiang - yeah . 🇨🇳This is a good health peculiar to patriots July 1, 2021 ⃣️5⃣️ to July 2⃣️5⃣️ period Sing "My Country and I" at the store entrance 🎤 🆓You can get the net red cultural ice cream for free. - yeah . Don't underestimate this net red Wenchuang ice cream 🍦 This is the ice cream of Xiamen ❤️ is also the determination of the Chinese. This ice cream has a unique look After eating, there is also a word "🇨🇳ZG has me". This is only 1⃣️ home worldwide The first 5 ⃣️ 0 ⃣️ names can be obtained when participating in the activities. Remember to hurry early ❗️ If we don't catch up with the welfare friends You can also feel this ice cream with a great determination. After all, it's not available anywhere else. and pure pulp made without adding 🌞 Healthy Nutrition and Heat Relieving - yeah . Ice cream has two flavors to choose from 🥥 White orange 🍍 Yellow pineapple You can eat real fruit pods - yeah . 🏠 Shop name: Bingqiku 🈺️Time: Monday to Friday 13:00-21:00 Saturday and Sunday 10:00-21:00 📍 Address: Yaofengzhai (about 50 meters away from Haiyanfengzhai Station to the exhibition direction) 🚌 Bus: Yaofengzhai Station - yeah . #Net red ice cream #Have feelings of ice cream #Determined ice cream #Me and my motherland #Xiamen Wenchuang #Yuefengzhai net red culture ice cream #Xiamen food #Xiamen Tun Shop #Xiamen travel #Xiamen fulfill #Xiamen net red store #Xiamen must punch #Free #Welfare #Xiamen roundabout #Xiamen Yaofeng Village #Fun #Good food # Free gifts #Free gifts #Goods #Free delivery #Xiamen free travel #My food diary #Xiamen travel guide #Xiamen travel guide #Explosive food #Xiamen afternoon tea #Where to go on weekends #Fujian travel #Fujian travel"
Huangcuo Sand BeachNearby City

Huangcuo Sand Beach

4.5/5354 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Xiamen Food Tour Seventh Day [Sleepy]! Today is a big sunny day! At 12 noon, I ride a small electric motor to catch the sea! Cycling along the round-the-island road, passing the Yaofeng Village, passing the Ocean Science and Technology Park, came to Huanghuai Beach! It was almost 12:30 when the tide was out! Bring the kittens and shovels from one end of the coast to the other and gradually catch the sea! The sand is soft, the sea is gentle and comfortable! I found many garlic all the way! There is a very fresh small fish, estimated is just eaten by sea birds half! Walking and catching the sea, found a series of sliding track, the track is the end of a small hill drum, I think there must be goods, most of them are snails [bad laugh]! Then pointing at the back shovel to lift up, and see a very white, very white, with a shell on the back, with mucus, out of the sand [ laughs]! Yes! Found the big stuff! Cat eye [ laughs and cries]! With a hand squeeze this guy will spray [smart]! One mucus sticks not a few! The meat is white and tender and fresh! Hahaha! Bring back the soup [smear face]! Summend: here dug up two cat eye snails, a pile of garlic, and many other shells that do not know what, all have meat and water spray [smoke]! The key is that there are no people here (no one is sure to be [scared] in the middle of the day)! Only two locals are digging! The scenery is very good! It is a place to experience the sea! No need to go out to Jimei to go to the sea! Huanghua beach beach can also catch sea goods here! Recommended!"