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Xiongshi WaterfallNearby City

Xiongshi Waterfall

4.3/57 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Self-driving tour around Xiamen and rock climbing to explore the lion waterfall and colorful pool The characteristic hydrophilic route that integrates hiking, river tracing and rock climbing, and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, may wish to pay attention to this fashionable and low-key summer resort, so that your circle of friends will never be the same. ⛳Colorful Pool Along the winding mountain road for several kilometers, you can see the "Tianchi" faintly in the vast sea of trees, giving Xia Xiayi the illusion of being in Jiuzhaigou by accident. Due to the precipitation of minerals in the pool, the colorful pool in Military Camp Village It is a clear emerald color in the sun, clear to the bottom, the surrounding farming cattle and pear fields, the singing of birds in the ears, and the smoke from the home fire in the distant villages, as if in a natural environment. Sense of experience In this place, which is not well-known, every inch of time is quiet and makes people reluctant to blink, and any depression and boredom will disappear with the wind here. ⛳Xiamen Lion Waterfall: The Lion Waterfall and the Colorful Pool are only a 10-minute drive away. From getting off the bus to the bottom of the waterfall is a nearly 500-meter climbing route. Natural beauty such as cliffs, brooks, and flowing waterfalls is indeed a low-key hidden paradise. The rock that goes down the rope, this kind of active embrace of nature, climbers of all levels can hand in 100 points in two hours. ⭐⭐Tips Tickets: Free Journey: A single-track drive from the island is 60km, about 90 minutes; Equipment: sun protection sleeves, climbing gloves, lixi shoes, sun hat, mosquito repellent, not less than 1.5L of drinking water, dry food for hunger, emergency motion sickness medicine, steam water, band-aids, etc.; Suggested play time: one day coordinate: Lion Waterfall (Located in Zhentuoli, Tongan District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province) Colorful Pool (Located at X416, Tongan District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province)"