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GaozhaicunNearby City


4.7/511 Reviews
Ranked #6 in Pinghe Can't Miss Attractions
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"Gaozhai Village, Xiazhai Town, Pinghe County is about ten kilometers northwest of Pinghe County. The roads are very easy to walk, and navigation signs are available, which are easy to find. The county town came over and walked eight kilometers of county road, turned right across a small bridge, and then walked five or six kilometers along the mountain road. Although there are two lanes, the road is not flat and sloped. Here I really see the sincerity of the local discovery of tourism. I have reached several parking lots in the village. The backing is the villagers’ small shops, food stalls, and inns. Looking down, there are 10,000 acres of grapefruit trees, and the trees are densely packed with grapefruits along the concrete. The trail and the steps down to the mid-levels, there are wooden planks, pavilions, wooden cable bridges, and a two-story grapefruit frame with wooden slats. Visitors can go up to see the scenery. Needless to say, the air is good. Picking pomelo in this season and enjoying pomelo flowers in blooming season is also quite pleasant. Looking up from the teak wood building, the buildings on the mountain do feel a bit like the Potala Palace. There are still grapefruits here. The grapefruits here are full of trees. The low-altitude and high-quality Guanxi honey grapefruits have been purchased by the middleman. I tasted one. This grapefruit is also very good, and this grapefruit is twice. The processed pomelo honey is really top-quality. It helps digestion and helps digestion. A can of 20. I regret buying less. It's really hard to get a pomelo!"