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The long-awaited movie city tour must be left to Transformers, then the mummies and Jurassic Park. After the game, return to the park and eat the lunch at the speed of the autumn wind to see the water world, then go to the studio Tour. Watching the two-hour Chinese-speaking session, the whole journey is 45 minutes, letting you know about Hollywood film production, and also feel the power of a dinosaur and King Kong. Then Simpson, the monster Shrek and the little yellow man, played very enjoyable.
After the game, personal summary: 1. Basically, all kinds of tossing in the car, or in the virtual roller coaster, or in the indoor roller coaster, or in a car. . 2. The virtual roller coaster is good. All the crazy scenes and the characters you like are in front of you, giving you a dazzling excitement.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
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What kind of experience is it to grab lobsters on the seabed? booked a boat diving for two days on the weekend, scuba diving in the US is really troublesome. Friday was almost violently drifting one night without sleeping, one night ahead of the boat, not sleeping for an hour, 6 am was shouted to open a diving meeting, said notes haha . first dive, first adapt to the environmental water temperature equipment, just stroll around the underwater sightseeing, in fact, barely except the water grass can be seen hahaha, after all, diving in the Americas for the first time! 7mm wet clothes, headgear gloves diving shoes, except the mouth is not armed, armed from head to toe! Then I went ashore and found that the mouth was frozen and the same as the sausage. Second dive, when I saw a dozen lobsters, I took a lobster beard, so I didnt catch it. third dive, me! I caught two lobsters, one was too small to release, and one was holding Gopro in my hand. As a result, the lobster legs slid off? ? ? Sad to no more! fourth dive, nothing! fifth dive, night dive! Today's highlight, because the lobster is a night out, it will go out, First Blood! Double kill! Triple kill! Quardra Kill ! Penta Kill! ..... Direct super god completes the runaway! I caught seven in a row! When I caught the third and fourth, I grabbed one of my left and right hands! It is simply the pinnacle of life! (Figure 5) Then after landing, oh, all the boatman was thrown off the boat, sad, too small, heart stuck to the throat! I slept and slept. The second day is the sixth dive, I change the strategy, first grab the sea urchin, hahaha, a sea urchin supermarket sells 20 dollars! So I started to fish sea urchins! The seventh dive will also catch the sea urchin. The eighth dive is the last dive, only try to luck, the goal is the big lobster! I still had nothing to do before I stayed for five meters and three minutes. Finally, when I was staying for five meters and three minutes, a lobster swims to me? ? ? I grabbed it and grabbed it, and God still cares for me! Happy to explode hahaha. However, after landing, the lobster was thrown down by the boatman. If you are 0.5 cm away, you can't eat more long! Why is life so hard! Okay, is also a lot of sea urchin conch caught in the sea, um I think enough of everyone to eat it! So I went to the supermarket and grabbed three lobsters, hahahaha. In the evening, give the training camp's friends a sashimi lobster + lobster porridge! Then open the sea urchin and boil the conch! Yao chef knows? Finally, come and come to me to calculate the account. Two days boat dive 300 dollars. Rent diving equipment on the first day of 75+ the next day 56+ third day 56 plus 10% tax = 205 dollars. rent two diving lights (in order to find lobster / night dive) three days 50 dollars, I bought two diving lights directly 200 dollars. Two-day lobster license plus tax of 34. Remarks: Be sure to bring a knife, California diving a lot of seaweed. night dive regulations must bring a gas cylinder lamp. Summary of the words: Go to the sea to catch lobsters! It is better to go to the supermarket to catch, probably the total cost of catching lobsters by one person, you can buy 60 lobsters! ! ! Painful realization! hahaha Of course, the kind of excitement of catching lobsters on the seabed, is an unparalleled experience.
Los Angeles,Recommendations
Los Angeles,Recommendations
Universal Studios Hollywood
Tickets for electronic tickets, 417CNY/person (cheap than the 3-day ticket in Premium Outlets). Because of the off-season, I didn't buy the Front of line pass. After the fact, there was no mistake in buying, because almost every item in the project was not queued. Parking: After entering the parking lot, it is the place to pay the parking fee. There are several options to choose from. We directly selected the cheapest 17-knife general parking. From the general parking, take the elevator upstairs and go out to Universal Studios. Shopping street. It takes about 7 minutes from the shopping street to get to the entrance of Universal Studios. There are many restaurants and shops on this road, so taking a few steps is not a problem at all. Entry: The electronic ticket we bought can be printed directly into the park. You can enter the park directly without having to queue up for a ticket. Because the off-season in February, even if it is not the front of line pass, there is no problem at all. In addition to the Xiao Huangren and the Simpsons, they need to shoot the min team, and the rest will be there. The park is divided into two parks, but in fact the overall is not large, so it is OK to take the map directly into the park. Mummy is not terrible, you can sit timidly; JurassicPark is super cool, it is recommended to take the first row of cool; Despicable Me is very beautiful, no loss of Transformer; Transformer It is recommended to go to the park as soon as you open the park.
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