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Things To Do in Luanxian

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Ancient Settlement
fionchen1979To an objective evaluation: the attractions are free, things are cheaper than other places, if you want to eat, you can go to the statue of Mother in Luzhou before 12:00, there is a market, everything, super cheap. The Zijin Tower in the scenic spot can take a look at the whole view of the ancient city for the scenic spots that you want to visit. In addition, the traffic is OK, and the hygiene of the scenic spot is OK. The accommodation is not expensive but not low. The Yaowang Temple also has a temple on the mountain, which is worth going.
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幸福人生LOVEThe Qinglong Mountain Scenic Area is one of the "Zuo Qinglong" of Taoism's Quartet Gods, and was regarded as a holy place by the Buddha and Taoism in history. The main peak, Niangniangding, is 440 meters above sea level, which is not very high, but it is quite tiring to walk. The scenery along the way is very beautiful, and you must take a look when you have time.
53 Reviews
M13***47Inside it takes a lot of pictures like ~ very good place ~ price can also have some things in the 70s and 80s ~ worth remembering ~ There are textile machines and grinding disks very worth seeing ~
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Geological Sites
微随遇心而安This attraction is particularly suitable for children. The design of the steps is very reasonable. It is a slow step. It is always running with water. It is fun and not tired. There are many entertainment facilities. The playability is very good. The sound control fountain is very special. 10 yuan can be experienced. The louder the sound, the higher the spray. There are glass paths and aerial shooting points, 30 people, no half price. There are drought slides and air ropeways down the mountain. Those with children under the age of 16 can only choose the slide, which is safer, 30 people. There are also jungle rafting, 50 people, more standing platoons, no experience. In short, the scenery is very beautiful, climb not tired, all the way to talk and laugh.
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Ornamental Hot spring
仰望星空账号Fishing Island Ocean Hot Spring Scenic Area, located in the middle of Changli Gold Coast, one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China, is located in the center of the National Ocean Type Nature Reserve. It is named as the fish-based island because it is rich in fish and shrimps. The theme of the fishing island scenic spot is "bihai, sand, hot springs, cruise", set leisure vacation, tourism as one of the fisherman's characteristic tourism experience.
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元旦快乐888Tickets are cheaper, the scenery is good, there are more self-funded projects, rafting is expensive, the glass path is not bad, the dry slide is not bad, there is a temple that has not yet a Buddha, overall it is not bad!

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Wax Museum in the Ancient City of LuanzhouTangshan,China

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Qinglong MountainTangshan,China

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Luanzhou Ancient CityTangshan,China

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About Luanxian

Luan county is situated close to the city of Tangshan in the north of Hebei province. The area has a rich history — it was the center of Guzhu, one of the first vassal states to be formed during the Shang dynasty. It is also known as the birthplace of shadow puppetry, Ping Opera and paper cutting, and has a number of scenic attractions.

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