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Local History in Lucerne

Lion Monument
560 Reviews
945m from downtown
"It is one of the most famous sights in Lucerne. In fact, it is a lion statue behind a small pond. It is not particularly interesting to see. The commemoration is relatively large. Many tour groups come to take pictures."

Reasons to Recommend: The Lion Monument, aka the Lion of Lucerne, is a rock relief commemorating Swiss Guards massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. The giant sculpture is 6 m high and 10 m long. The upright wall of rock is the remains of a quarry exploited over centuries in the building of Lucerne. The statue sees a regal lion dying from a spear wound which is marked by a shield bearing the emblem of the French monarchy. Mark Twain once described the monument as “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” Standing there, it is impossible not to feel a sense of grief and wonder. It's a truly moving experience.

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Chapel Bridge and Water Tower
472 Reviews
208m from downtown
"The first stop in Switzerland is Lucerne, the first attraction is the Capeller bridge, the old wooden bridge is not too long, the earth yellow color is not amazing, but with the blue sky and the snowy mountains in the distance, it is beautiful"

Reasons to Recommend: The Capel Covered Bridge and the Octagonal Water Tower are landmarks in Lucerne and even Switzerland, and often appear on postcards. Built in 1332, the Kappel Covered Bridge connects the two sides of Lucerne. It is the old wooden covered bridge in Europe. It was rebuilt after the fire in 1993 and has been leading to the octagonal water tower of the representative of Lucerne. Like the Museg City Wall, this bridge and water tower are also part of the Lucerne fortifications.

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Court Church of St. Leodegar
130 Reviews
724m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The high tower on the facade of this church is very pointed, and it feels like it clamps the center building tightly. The interior space is reminiscent of Notre Dame Cathedral. The decoration styles do have similarities. This is a good space for meditation, as well as the atrium."

Reasons to Recommend: The Cathedral of St. Leo de Gard, located on the north side of Lake Lucerne, is an important church in Lucerne. The interior of Hof Cathedral is solemn and solemn, and there are engraving patterns in the late Renaissance, which are vivid and delicate and worthy of appreciation. Today's Hof Cathedral is the center of faith for the locals and the place to perform church music. There are occasional concert performances in the Havre Cathedral, and the religious music played on the church is extraordinarily solemn and grand.

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Old Town
147 Reviews
265m from downtown
Ancient Settlement
"We visited Lake Lucerne, the Cabell Bridge, the Lion Monument, the Hauff Chapel and other attractions in Lucerne, and also went to the clock shop to see all kinds of Swiss watches. In addition to the lakes, the scenic spots in Pusen are free of charge and do not need to buy tickets. The Lion Monument The lion monument shows a 10-meter-long, 3-meter-high lion with a broken spear stuck to his shoulder and a shield with the Swiss National Emblem on it. The scene commemorates the death of 786 Swiss mercenaries who died in battle to protect the Louis XVI family at the Duroy Palace in Paris on August 10, 1792, carved on natural rocks by Danish sculptors in 1821. The Hawf Church The Hawf Church is a Renaissance building on the north side of Lake Pussen with the world's largest organ and, yes, the most important church in Lucerne. The Cabell Bridge is a 204-meter-long wooden bridge over the banks of the Royce River at the exit of Lake Bosen at the Cabell Bridge. In the middle of the bridge is an octagonal brick water tower. The Cabell Bridge is a landmark of Lucerne and a major tourist attraction in Switzerland.4. Lucerne is built on the bank of Lucerne Lake. Tourists can take a boat to enjoy the lake and the scenery of the city, or take a leisurely walk by Lucerne Lake. Located on Lake Lucerne, many luxury hotels in Lucerne enjoy the wonderful time of Lucerne. 5. Switzerland is famous for its clocks and watches. As a famous tourist city, Lucerne also distributes many clock shops, with a wide variety and variety of styles. In short, he is the first city to visit Switzerland will not miss, usually half a day enough to play downtown these several attractions."
Musegg Wall
86 Reviews
623m from downtown
Historical Site
"It is a rare monument in Switzerland, well preserved for centuries, and it is quite large to walk under the walls, some places can go in summer, and it is closed in winter, a pity"

Reasons to Recommend: The Musegg Wall is one of Switzerland's most well-preserved defensive walls, with a variety of watchtowers. The big clock built by Hans Luter on the Zyt tower is a relatively old clock in the city of Lucerne, and enjoys the privilege of reporting the time one minute ahead of the other big clocks in the city. Standing on the wall, you can overlook the entire Lucerne, the lake and mountains in the distance, which is fascinating.

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