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Things To Do in Luojiang

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Historical Site
M14***49The inside mainly looks at two attractions, Pangtong Temple and Guzheng Road. The ancient martial arts road is indeed very long history. You will see the deep marks caused by the wheels passing through the stone. There are some statues and introductions in Pangtong Temple.
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云舒YunshuMarch, myth of the Guanghan earth, Samsung heap six cemeteries of sacrifice craters and reborn, overnight again raised the Chinese people to archaeology. I also put down the heat, back to put down 18 years to Samsung heap memory! The bronze hall was only opened on the day, some cloudy days, empty exhibition hall visitors few, saw the exaggerated long-term bronze mask of a moment, a sudden feeling wrong: big ears, front convex eyes, the big mouth that licks the root of the ear, is alien? This glorious civilization has no written record, as if from the sky, ancient Egyptian civilization, the two rivers civilization said that there is no one, dark light with the docents deep voice, more fog! Out of the exhibition hall, we and a visitor hotly discussed, is it necessary to modify the textbook, the Yellow River civilization center how to connect? After a long walk, we found that the backpacker was still standing in the same place, we also deliberately still not fully feeling, 30 degrees north latitude, how many secrets are unknown?
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RingOverall, it is still worth going, there are too many people ~ There are a large number of flowers to take pictures in the door, and the rides are also complete. If you want to play, it is recommended that the package be more cost-effective. Glass bridge can be tried.
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Historical Architecture
60岁极省自由行Mianyang Yuewang Building is not only majestic, but also like a museum in Mianyang. There are introductions to the history and culture of Mianyang, and cultural relics are displayed. The view on the viewing platform at night is very good. There is also a platform for tourists to relax. You must visit Mianyang.
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Science & Technology Museum
M30***06The Mianyang Science and Technology Museum has models of missiles, rockets, aviation and spaceflight, and walking around it has an immersive feeling, it is also a visual and spiritual shock and baptism, is a place worth going to, especially for children, It's also a place for very good education and learning about technology.
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_We***67i ve been in this Royal Resot, it’s really amazing place. there are a plenty of Pools; such as Lemon pool, Red wine Pool, and Aloe pool..., and also plenty of Saunas. with some great facilities such Golf, Tennis, and Horse riding.

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