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Things To Do in Lusaka

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关裕年guanyunianThe city of Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and it is also a city with a plateau climate. A good natural landscape is a good place. This city can be like spring all year round without severe cold. It is really a blessing for the people here.
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关裕年guanyunianLusaka is the capital of Zambia, located in the east of Africa. Because it is a plateau, the climate here is cool and it is a beautiful capital. Almost all the trees here can bloom, red and white, almost all the trees are so beautiful.
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City Park
ELIZABETHNBeautiful place, very relaxing with a variety of retiles to see. oh and the crocodile burgers are awesome!
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Botanical Garden
HFHR2013When I went there, there was a teacher bringing students to teach. The variety inside was very good, and the environment was very good. There was a feeling that people who came and didn’t want to leave.
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National Park
关裕年guanyunianWhat do you say? Will the embassy's building be "footed up"? No, it's not the reverse, it's the reverse. Listen to me slowly. In China, we generally build a house from the north to the south, so that the sun shines into the house, the light is sufficient, and the temperature is suitable. It is a governance classic passed down from generation to generation and cannot be changed. Unexpectedly, the engineers of our country who built the Tanzania-Zambia railway for Zambia and Tanzania still used the "golden rule" of their ancestors when they helped the Chinese embassy build a building. They also came to sit north and face south, but the opposite happened All the houses that should be sunny are all shaded. Even the ambassador’s meeting hall can't escape, and the sun cannot get in, making it a regret overseas.
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National MuseumLusaka,Zambia

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Kalimba Reptile ParkLusaka,Zambia

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Munda Wanga Environmental ParkLusaka,Zambia

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Lake KaribaLusaka,Zambia

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