Mae Chan
Chiang Rai
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Things To Do in Mae Chan

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_We***08This place js absolutely breathtaking. Dark yet beautiful. The site is very large with plenty to see. There are vendors on site that serve colds fruits and drinks. Plenty of great opportunities for great photos.
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Jinzu Gawa SammaIn Chiang Rai Province, Chiang Saen you have the GoldenTriangle.Here you can sit relax and have the views over the Countries of Thailand,Loss and Burma
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vivienvivienThe long-necked people in northern Thailand are one of the ethnic minorities on the Thai-Myanmar border. They fleeing the war in Myanmar and flooded into northern Thailand. They mainly settled near Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. Mae Hong Son is the largest settlement of the long-necked people. Long-necked people live in tall thatched huts. Girls have been winding copper rings around their necks, wrists, knees, etc. since they were 9 years old. The appearance looks like a circle of independent copper rings, but actually a solid copper strip. Yes, the length is changed once every two years, and there is no need to lengthen it until the age of 25 or after marriage. It is said that the copper bar can weigh up to 5 kg. There are many theories about the origin of this custom. Some people say that it is because the long-necked people think that the long neck is beautiful, and some people think that it is to prevent the beasts in the forest from biting.
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Jinzu Gawa SammaWar Rong Khun (The White Temple).Is one off the biggest attractions in Chiang Rai Province.Nice Temple,You can walk for Hours in the temple area.
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碌曲赵构Cuifeng Tea House is highly recommended. I heard the local driver say that this is the local internet celebrity spot, and the people who go there are basically locals. The scenery is very good, because of the relatively biased location, it has not yet become a domestic Internet celebrity spot. I highly recommend its green tea latte, the price is cheap, 60 baht a cup, it is one of the best I have ever drunk, I never forget. It also tried other foods, the taste is not thunderous, and the price is acceptable. At the temperature of 38-40 degrees, drinking a cold drink here while listening to the light music in the store is really refreshing. Because it was close to the hotel where I was staying, I clocked in twice. Push! 【view】 【taste】 [Price ratio]
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_FB***48I went to wat rong sue ten in the evening, before sunset it’s very beautiful temple. I love there

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