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Top Things to do In Mae Fa Luang 2021



8 things to do found in Mae Fa Luang
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Traditional Experience/ Cultural Experience
Dutch FarmNearby City

Dutch Farm

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"Half-day tour of a purebred English ponies, a parent-child Internet celebrity farm in Chiang Mai. My daughter always loves beauty. I still remember this summer when she suddenly told my wife and me that she really wanted a skirt that turned like a flower. It turned out that the little girls in the kindergarten started to wear skirts. While it was funny, I was also surprised. She started to appreciate beauty when she was 4 years old. So this time I went to Chiang Mai and brought her favorite dresses. Gradually, she was happy to let me take pictures of her, and stopped avoiding the camera. Today, I would like to introduce you to the farms we go to play. There are many large and small parent-child farms in Chiang Mai. The one we chose is Dutch Farm, which should be Dutch farm in literal Chinese. Why choose this one? Because the pony, the pony whose height is generally below 85cm, I think it is super cute! (Actually, my daughter was very afraid of small animals before she came. She can look at it from a distance, but as long as she gets close to her, she will be very nervous. Feeding the elephants before was also scared and crying.) 1. Transportation: We grab the taxi directly Coming here, the address is navigated by Google Maps. Because there are few cars here, you can discuss with the driver and ask him to wait for you here. I forgot the specific price. It takes about half an hour to drive from the city anyway. 2. Consumption: After arriving, there is a cafe-like cabin next to it. After entering, we will buy tickets in it. We arrived in July, which belongs to the peak season. Adult tickets are 200 baht. Children seem to be priced according to their height. Measure it inside. Generally speaking, it is very cost-effective. In addition to the tickets, it is to buy some feed for the small animals, 30 baht a hand, which is more conscience than most domestic attractions. 3. Eat and eat: There are some snacks and ice creams for sale in the small farm shop. Because this farm is small, there is no restaurant or the like. So friends who want to eat on the farm, let it go. Have fun and play with the little animals. 4. Play for fun: After entering the gate, there is a pony ranch next to it. If you go in and pay 30 baht, you can take a pony out for a stroll! It's too cute, the photos are not as cute as 50% of the real thing. In fact, it is me who really want to see the pony. My wife said that I came in the name of my daughter. Back to the topic, many people took the pony out and found that it didn’t listen to the command at all, and couldn’t pull it. It just grazes on its own. At this time, shake the horse rope a little and the horse will no longer bow its head, and will be honest. Let you lead. The pony is very clean and its coat color is also very beautiful. You can hug and take pictures. It is very cooperative and close to people. Of course, you can ride horses after talking to the staff. I don’t know if you need to charge for it. You can experience it yourself. (Be careful not to stand behind the horse's butt for fear of being kicked.) In addition to ponies, there are also small breeds of chickens, geese, and sheep on the farm. At first, your daughter will be afraid. Don't blame her or force her. , Show her, she will see your closeness with animals, and gradually she feels that the horse is very behaving and cute, so she starts to hold it close to it, and to the back, she will directly chase the horse. Sheep chase geese everywhere. Of course, there are still animals on the farm that need to be careful. Rams with horns are more grumpy, so it's best not to get too close. The farm is very suitable for taking pictures, all kinds of cute little cute things, as well as the scenery created by the farmer, there can be many good photos. Before going back home, my daughter said goodbye to her little horse. I saw the name of this little white horse at the gate of the horse house, sun dance, really a good name. I hope my daughter can grow up like this and enjoy herself in the sun. dance. Finally, there are actually many farms in Chiang Mai, each with its own characteristics. There are hot air balloons that are super eye-catching, and there are ginger farms that focus on field experience. It will be beneficial to take your children to any place, but if you like it For ponies, dutch farm is indeed worth a visit. You are also welcome to share with me some farms that have impressed you, both at home and abroad, so that I can also play when I have the opportunity." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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