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Things To Do in Mambo

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112***81There are almost no tourists, and the waterfall is quite spectacular.
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E33***72this place is called amboni caves in Tanga Tanzania . history says this place was filled with water and water made the paths and the beatiful features in the caves
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juki235Lake Chala is the birthplace of African flamingos. Minerals from the eruption of Lungai Volcano are deposited in the lake, turning the lake water into red. Flamingoes eat these minerals and make their feathers red. A total of 4 million flamingos live in Lake Chala and the surrounding waters. Because of the unique geological environment here, Lake Chala becomes an ideal breeding place for flamingos. In order to nurture the next generation, they have gone through hardships, migrating thousands of miles, and the endless scene, which constitutes a blueprint of life that shocks the soul.
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Snow Mountain
法国ribA lifetime is well worth the climb. It's the highest peak in Africa and the only intercontinental peak that an average person can climb without training. With a professional team to take you, safety is guaranteed. Moxi at the foot of the mountain is not far from a small airport, the Middle East and Europe have direct flights.
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Historical Site
E27***92We came here in February. Fort Jesus is an interesting piece of Mombasa's history. You can learn about the city's strategic importance and how it changed hands between the Omanis and Europeans so many times. A nice diversion in Old Town.
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City | ​​landmark
E28***45full of ancient history of past with amazing architecture or arabic designs with plenty of antiques sold in the surroundings

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