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"Historical Site"
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"If Mandalay is a modern city (in fact, Mandalay, where construction sites and scaffolding are everywhere, is indeed in a thriving development), the charm of the historical sites around the city far exceeds Mandalay itself. Among them is the ancient city of Invar, which is full of rustic charm. The ancient city of Inwa in history has become the capital of Myanmar four times (and the Upper Burma area is often referred to as the "Invar Kingdom"). From this simple figure, we can see the complex emotional attitudes of the rulers of the past dynasties. , Love and hate, hard to leave. Rich history aside, here is still an isolated village sparsely dotted with ruins, temples and pagodas. Compared with the prosperity of Mandalay, it looks so quiet, primitive and mysterious. To reach the ancient city of Invar, a ferry is essential. Although only a few minutes' voyage, this mode of transportation puts Invar on a veil of mystery. The man at the helm of our ferry is a little brother with a neat row of teeth, but the betel nut has painted them yellow and black. However, this does not hinder the infectiousness of his smile-clean, direct, and sincere. When traveling in the ancient city, horse-drawn carriages are the first choice for most tourists. Of course, people with more energy and energy will choose bicycles because they can visit more secluded villages and discover surprises and beauty beyond the regular routes of horse-drawn carriages. The main attractions of Inwa include Baogaya Temple, Nammin, Maha Angmei Temple, etc. However, there will be many ancient temples and old city walls hidden among street trees along the way, although they have been abandoned for many years Although it is ruined, it is more interesting and charming. Rice fields can be seen everywhere in the ancient city of Invar, lush and vibrant, just like this country, although it was once devastated, there is still a future for Nirvana."