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Maricaban IslandNearby City

Maricaban Island

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"The most beautiful island in the Philippines! Marikaban Island Marikaban Island is a tranquil island with a large number of diving spots, where you can enjoy the beautiful underwater world. [Scenic Marikaban Island] When you arrive at Marikaban Island, the water here is so clear that you can see the seabed on the shore with your naked eyes, so it is also a well-known diving destination. I think it is like a small island dedicated to tourists. Many diving enthusiasts will fall in love with it after diving here. The pristine natural ecological environment, warm and transparent water, colorful corals, and leisurely fish, all of which are enough to make me intoxicated. [Famous diving island] Diving here is my most unforgettable experience. When I go down to the bottom of the sea, I can see the sunlight passing through the sea level and refracting on the colorful corals and swimming fish. I can't help but want to reach out and touch them. On the bottom of the sea, everything around me is silent, I can only hear the sound of water and my own heartbeat, like leaving the earth to another world, without worries and pain. Just look at what you see, listen to what you want to hear, don't need to restrain yourself, and explore the underwater world! Tips: The main diving spots on the island are along the northwest coast, such as Layag-Layag, Beatrice Rock, etc., and there are relatively few diving spots on the east."