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Things To Do in Masvingo

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Historical Site
关裕年guanyunianZimbabwe is an African country, this country borders Zambia, and the junction is Victoria Falls, so both countries say they have the resources of Victoria Falls, one of the world's top tourist resources.
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圈米圈乐When you come in contact with animals, you will definitely fall in love with Antelope Park, a natural park in Waluo. I have liked to interact with animals since I was a child. I think animals are very cute, whether they are beasts or gentle animals. My fellow traveller and I met here to have quiet contact with animals. I saw a lot of lions, elephants, horses, antelopes and so on. I have to say that Africa is really suitable for wild animals to survive, maybe because the degree of urbanization is not that high. The air here is very fresh. I prefer to hike in the bushes and admire the animals along the way, because there is not so much sunshine in the bushes. My fellow traveller and I had a wonderful time with the Lions Club. The staff are friendly and they guided us very professionally. I like the service here. The staff also invited us to participate in the "elephant riding" activity, but the elephant is too high, I think it is a bit dangerous. My travel friend rode an elephant, and the elephant did not make trouble. I was watching them interact. This picture is so harmonious. We went to a restaurant in the park. I spent $12 for a buffet. The food tasted good and the dishes were very rich. At sunset in the evening, we went out to watch the sunset together. We photographed the sunset with the staff and the lion. This picture is very beautiful. Tips: 1. Be careful not to anger wild animals 2. Participate in activities and actively cooperate with the staff 3. Protect the ecological environment 4. Business hours: 6:30-16:005, Suggested time: more than three hours 6 , Location: Vungu Road, Gweru 0000, Zimbabwe
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National Park
兰兔子2015For a traveler who has been to Africa, returning from Africa without some stone carvings and wood carvings, it can not be regarded as a real arrival in Africa. This is how the reputation of African sculpture art is internationally renowned. Last year our family went to Zimbabwe to see the world-famous Victoria Falls. After watching the scene, the most concerned thing is to buy tourist souvenirs. The tour guide led us to an art carving garden, where you can experience the highest stone carving art in Zimbabwe.
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关裕年guanyunianIn 2010, our family went to Zimbabwe again, and still went to the world-famous Livingston Falls, but things are not humans, this country’s currency no longer exists, so-called not is worthless, the world’s highest denomination paper currency is already here The country was born, and then it became the dollar. A country can’t even keep its own currency, you can imagine how bad the country’s situation is...
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煊煊煊煊The Natural History Museum, located on Leopold-Tacavilla Avenue in Bulawayo, opened to the public in 1964. It is the largest and best museum in Zimbabwe. The museum houses 75,000 exhibits, including specimens of wildlife and cultural relics that record the history of Zimbabwe. The Natural History Museum houses the second largest elephant specimen in the world.
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昵称sailingThe inside is free to visit, but some rooms are for office use and are not open. The area and scale are not as big and majestic as expected, but they are also exquisite. There are many animal specimens in it, which are very good. It is worth visiting.

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