Matamata-Piako District
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Things To Do in Matamata

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_We***74If you're a fan of the story, its a must see place when bmvisiting NZ. Interesting tour, fun facts along the way and the free drink at the green dragon was a nice touch.
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Health & Wellness
112***81The small town of Matamata is famous for movies. The tree cave house here is very fairytale, even if you haven't seen this series of movies. Come to the field to experience this Middle-earth world in person.
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莺语花儿Follow a professional guide to the small town of Mata, where the movies "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" were filmed, and explore the secrets of the two world blockbusters. The "The Hobbit" series of films was released in the United States on December 14, 2012. It tells the story of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, who was introduced by the wizard Gandalf and joined a team of 13 dwarves to start an adventure to a lone mountain...
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雪3飞whoBlue Spring│Pure and beautiful New Zealand’s "Little Jiuzhai" Blue Spring Blue Spring, a small place and not a small name, is the largest source of pure water in New Zealand. The water quality of more than 70% of the canned water in New Zealand is super clean, and the water temperature is maintained all year round 11 ℃ The scenic spot is quiet and pure. It is called the "Little Jiuzhai" scenic trail in New Zealand for about 5 kilometers. It is the best place for hiking, oxygen inhalation, and lung washing. Personal evaluation: Although it is a "Little Jiuzhai", it is of course incomparable to the authentic Jiuzhaigou Ha. But it is small and exquisite. The clear and blue spring water really makes people intoxicated and without noise. It is very quiet (the genuine Jiuzhaigou is always crowded with people). It is very suitable for picking a sunny morning, come here to appreciate the scenery, exercise and physical activity. Detailed address: Leslie Rd, South Waikato 3483 Traffic guide: It is recommended to drive by yourself. It’s a 2-hour drive from downtown Auckland. It’s more cost-effective to check in with other attractions, such as Hobbit Village. Opening hours: All-day tickets: trouble. Estimated duration: 2 hours. Practical tips1⃣️There is no trash can on the trail, so yes If you want to keep the garbage, go back to the entrance and there is a trash can to throw away, so be sure to bring a larger bag to temporarily store empty water bottles and other garbage. I really despise the behavior of littering. ❗2⃣️The whole trail takes almost two hours. You can walk through the inside, there are some steep places and stairs, it is better to wear flat and comfortable shoes. 3⃣️If you just want to check in here quickly, if you have a low budget or lack of physical strength, you can enter from the south entrance and turn back to the Blue Spring LOOK OUT platform. The most beautiful scenery will not be missed. 4⃣️ Sunglasses are essential for sun protection. Take a bottle of water on the way to do a good job of water supply, there are no shops along the way.
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d36***08Animal husbandry is a pillar industry in New Zealand. Pastures and farms abound in New Zealand. Agora Farm in Rotorua is New Zealand's largest tourist farm integrating animal husbandry and tourism. The most eye-catching thing is the rural scenery. On the pasture, there are green grass, flocks of cattle and sheep, or alone ~ leisurely and contented; in the orchard, fruit trees are lined up with bent branches ~ fruitful; deep in the farm, there are several management staff’s residences in Wan The green bushes reveal a little red top~ it adds a bit of elegance. The most impressive is the comprehensive travel services. The farm has a large area, and you need to take a sightseeing car when visiting. The sightseeing car pulled by a large tractor is unique to the scenic spot and has become a unique landscape. The farm has mostly Chinese tourists, and many guides and narrators who are fluent in Chinese are arranged to lead the crowd together. The atmosphere of a foreign country and the feeling of being at home~ It's so good! The most fascinating thing is the close contact with animals. The farm has opened up several areas, allowing tourists to have close contact with animals, the most eye-catching alpaca, which is hard to see in China. Countless alpacas, unique body shapes, elegant gait, cute looks, embarrassing looks, and fluffy feel, make people laugh.
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Ornamental Hot spring
游荡的LucyFree for entering and no time limitation. u can try hot spring spa near the lake rotorua which is the top 10 spa in the world. Price for Spa is $35 probably, it depends on different spa pools.

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