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Caoyutan Scenic Spot

53 Reviews
Business Suspended Business hours TBA
Recommended Sightseeing Time: 3 hours
Address: Chaoyutan Town, Hongya County, Meishan City
Phone: 028-37512059

What people are saying:

The beautiful scenery in the middle of Shu and the fishing beach in Yanyu Tsingyi is a gentle place where the Qingyi River flows through Hongya. Here, there are mountains and forests, mao Lin repaired bamboo, and ancient temples and heavy pagodas, dotted with it, making people amazed. Being in Tang and Song Dynasty. There are no particularly famous scenic spots in Caoyutan. I will not only point out eight scenic spots for it: First, the river is beautiful, the Qingyi River is covered with water, the name is as beautiful as the river, the narrow part is like a small river, the wide part is like the Yangtze River, and the twists and turns have a charm; It is the industrial situation of the dam. The head of the dam is limited in height, and carts cannot go up. The dam has tower cranes left over from the last century. It has a heavy industrial red atmosphere and is very suitable for taking pictures. The third is a memoir of time. There is a Yuantouzhu in the river with a nursing home for cadres. It used to be a resort category, with yellow glazed tiles and a small two-story turret. In the 90s, the amorous feelings are vivid in front of your eyes, and the feelings of the years are very long, and how many girls' hearts are stirred; the fourth is the literati pouringer's calligraphy, and the gate of the scenic spot is the Guanyin Temple inscribed by Su Shi. Avalokitesvara of various colors, magnificent thousands of hands, rare peacocks, nearby are the long-abandoned Jade Emperor Temple and Wudou Temple, which are treasure temples with a long history; the five sceneries are the kingdom of thousands of pagodas, and there are dozens of famous pagodas around the world. Reproduced, layered on top of each other, the nearest nearby river is only a few meters away, hidden in dense forests. Although carved at the end of the last century, the carvings are delicate and the image characteristics are obvious. In line with the river scenery, standing by the river breeze, the pattering of light rain, the Sanskrit sound is in your ears, shocking, the realm of the ancient Tibetan temple in the deep mountains is naturally unconcealable, it is indeed a holy place near Chengdu, known as the Little Angkor Wat! The sixth scene is the Grand Canyon, where the Qingyi River bends at a right angle of 90°. The virgin forest-like scenery merges with the Bijiang River. The turning river head and the towering pagoda are perfect for taking pictures; the seven sceneries are huge sleeping Buddhas. , This Buddha is lying on the highest point of the thousand pagodas, his eyes are slightly closed, and he sleeps soundly. Even if it is rainy, he has no saliva. It is directly facing the Qingyi River Grand Canyon. It is indeed the Bao Buddha of Zhenjiang. The Buddha's feet are in the perennial dampness. Blended with trees and vines, there are eight-petal lotus flowers blooming under the Buddha's head. There are 13-story pagodas on the left and right, and the golden eyes are glaring. The majesty of the law can be seen; the eighth scene is at the farthest point. The Leifeng pagoda stands on the top of the mountain. The misty rain is reflected on the surface of the river, the mist is thick, the tower color is whirling, and it is as beautiful as a painting in a water village. These eight sceneries complement each other, and tickets start at least 80. But it’s been free here for a long time, and there is no other fee except for the villagers at the door stopping 10 yuan to park. Start with a boat of 60, and a minimum of 300. The good news is that the provincial road in this place has been in disrepair for a long time, the foundation has collapsed, and the road to the core area of the scenic spot has collapsed. You can only pass through the grass dam in Ya'an. In fact, a small car can pass through a small road near the dam. 5/ Arrive at 6km, otherwise it will take dozens of kilometers to detour, just ask a local person. Don’t believe in Wudoumiguan to go to the Buddha country by boat, as I said, you can also go to the entrance of the scenic spot. That's all, recommended by a five-star burst table, Hongya is a good place!

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Additional Information


Caoyutan Scenic Spot lies at Meishan in Sichuan province. The area offers six major themes, and several dozens of tourist attractions, including Yun Yu Lou (Tower of Island in the Clouds), Pi Feng Xie (Windswept Pavilion), Bai Po Ting (Gazebo Atop a Hundred Hills), among others. The cyatheaceae ferns here, a first-grade plant species of national protection, are as old as the dinosaurs; in addition, the place also boasts cultural attractions such as the "Buddhist Realm of a Thousand Towers", which offers carvings depicting scenes of the preachings of Sakyamuni, as well as murals sculpted on rocks for the portrayal of motorcycles.
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