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Architecture & Landmarks
Hua E Building

Hua E Building

3.9/547 Reviews
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"Historical Architecture"
Ranked #3 in Meizhou Local History
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Meizhou Flower Tower, because of a movie and the traditional building a big fish seagull, brought fire to the Tu building. But do you really know enough about the Tu building? Let me tell you some knowledge of the Tu building. 💕.🎉 Attraction Name: Flower Tower 🏠 Address: Lianfeng Village, Dadong Town, Dapu County, Meizhou, Guangdong. 1️⃣ Tulou is not unique to Fujian. Tulou is currently found in Guangdong and Jiangxi. But why was it named "Fujian Tulou" when it was named in July 2008? The main reason is that the number of earth buildings in Fujian is large, which accounts for almost half of the number of existing earth buildings. And the size and the history of the building are relatively long, so it is named as Fujian and listed as a world cultural heritage. .2️⃣ Earth buildings are actually more closely related to the Hakkas. According to the data, whether Fujian Tulou or Hakka Tulou, is from the Hakka building. Although many Hakkas also moved to Fujian in southern Guangdong, so called Fujian Tulou is not a big problem. But if the root of the root, Tulou should be more related to the eastern Guangdong. It is the purest taste of the earth building based on the origin of Hakka culture such as Chaoshan Meizhou. ✅. ❓ How to play in the flower building? Most tourists come to the flower building because of its unique shape. How can the flower building be photographed? .1️⃣ It is a good place to take a view in the middle of the earth building. The center of the flower building is a piece of land empty. Unlike some earth buildings in Fujian, there are still places of worship in the middle. It is not easy to operate. There is no such concern here in the flower building. The space is large enough to let you take a good shot. 📸.2️⃣ Go upstairs and shoot. The flower building is free to go upstairs, without giving additional tickets. 🆓 Then on the third floor, there is a place where tourists can sit on the eaves, where you can take pictures with drones, and you can easily capture happy moments. It is also a good place to view the view in the corridor. But remind a word, after all, building has 400 years of history, do not jump, do not chase, especially in the place that does not allow to climb out of the fence, do not climb out to get the view. Once fall, the consequences are serious. 🚫.📢Tip: 1️⃣Hardly developed, no strong commercial flavor, is a more original tourist destination. If you like the original taste, the flower building is right. 💯.2️⃣Tickets: 10 yuan. Easy parking and big place."