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Top Things to do In Meizhou 2021


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2,457 things to do found in Meizhou
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Baxiang Mountain Holiday Resort

Baxiang Mountain Holiday Resort

4.3/566 Reviews
Meizhou Top 1 in Thrilling Experiences
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"During the National Day holiday, I drove more than 80 kilometers from Chaozhou. The winding mountain road was winding up, and the driving skills were very exciting. I entered the archway gate of Baxiang Mountain. Not far after the Tencent map reminded me, the security said that he had to go 6 kilometers ahead. As a result, when I arrived at the intersection and saw the "Boutique Hotel", I didn't notice that there was a reminder to enter from here. We continued walking and walked out of the archway gate. This time it took more than ten or twenty kilometers to see a fellow villager, and asked I knew I was going to turn around when I was down. The fellow said that someone also asked him for directions yesterday. This entrance prompt is too unobvious. I went back and found out that this was the north gate after entering the scenic spot. The previous one was the south gate. The parking lot charges 10 yuan. The parking lot seems to have tourist RVs, and forest cabins can be rented. Tickets for adults are 88 yuan including area AB, and online bookings must be booked one day in advance. For the other Huahai, you have to buy a separate ticket. Recently, Huahai has not been spent much, and there is a discount of 38 yuan. When you enter the scenic area, you have to take the mountain road first and descend to the bottom of the canyon. The road is steep but very shady. The city is now in a high temperature of more than 30 degrees. Because there is not much water recently, the waterfall is not big, there are not many tourists, and there are no people in many places to play in the water, but according to the map of the scenic spot, many scenic spots are not seen. There is a small shop in the service area. There is a battery car here. It costs 20 yuan per person and the distance is 2 kilometers. It is expensive. But you can also choose to drift to the exit. We can bear to continue walking and watch people drifting in the stream playing in the water. If you plan to drift, you must bring a suit to see if they are all soaked, although they are wearing life jackets. Out of the scenic spot here is written area B, the next scenic spot is the fairy tale world of Huahai. There is a free CMB to send tourists to the North District parking lot to drive. Going out here is the south gate exit that Tencent Map misreported. We only went to the scenic spot in the afternoon to play for a long time, and our feet were tired. The next day we had sore calves. This canyon is said to be 6.5 kilometers long. At noon, we ate lunch on the way across the scenic spot in Fengshun County. The flour shop is opposite to an Agricultural Bank self-service point not far from the county seat. The shop has good craftsmanship, the environment is clean, the taste is relatively light, and the price is affordable. We 3 adults and 1 child only ate 35 yuan. The noodles here are really delicious. The taste is similar to the noodles I ate in Jiexi last time. The child ate all the noodles."
Fenshui Battle Martyrs' Cemetery

Fenshui Battle Martyrs' CemeteryNearby City

5/51 Reviews
"1. The Battle of Fenshui (Tangkeng) on September 27, 1927 was where Ye Ting, He Long, Su Yuxiao (Xiao) Ke and Xue Yue, Chen Jitang and Wang Jun fought in person. The process was three days and two and a half nights. The Battle of Sanheba was much more tragic. Ou Zhen rebelled. The most deadly battlefield for the Nanchang Uprising~ More than 6,000 dead and injured were buried in the monkey Qiu Er, 1927, October 1, Zhu De Zhou Shidi Li Shuoxun Lin Biaosu Yu Xu Guangda Yang Zhicheng Lu Deming Cai Qingchuan guarded the Sanhe Dam and the battle between Qian Dajun was the biggest turning point of the Nanchang Uprising. The fire of the Red Army was preserved, and the battle for Zhu De Police Chief to become the father of the Red Army was established. ~ Around 1,900 people were killed or injured. 3. Refusal to defend Sanhe Dam (resistance war) ~ cover the main force south to capture Tangkeng Town (offensive war) ~ join up with the surging Dongjiang peasant army and strive for foreign aid to choose another northern expedition. 4. Meeting 1927.10.3 Zhou Enlai presided over the quicksand meeting Nie Rongzhen, Liu Bocheng, Wu Yuzhang (Five Lao of Yan'an) Zhou Yiqun, Zhang Guotao came to surging in Shantou He Long Yeting Tangkeng (Fenshui) came and Guo Moruo, Li Li, took the place of Yingtan Pingshan local head Yang Shi Soul held a meeting in Puning Quicksand. 1927.10.7 Zhu De and Zhou Shidi Li Shuoxun presided over the Maozhi meeting on 10.6 Tangkeng (Fenshui) Battle of the 25th Army Third Division Chief of Staff Zhou Bangcai led out of Chaoshan more than 200 soldiers (Su Yu, Mao Ze Tanjun) In the team) and Lin Biao and Chen Yi met in Maozhi Village, Raoping, and held a Mochi meeting. Xiao Ke returned to southern Hunan via Guangzhou begging. Soviet flag ~ It was decided to set up for the first time in the Quicksand Conference. The status of Sanhe Dam was too big. Ye Ting died as early as 1946 in a plane crash, leading to the offensive battle, the Fenshui (Tangkeng) Battle, which is less well known, while the blocking battle of the Sanhe Dam battle was widely spread." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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