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Lake George

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"Five things you must do when you come to the famous Queen's Lake √No1~3 ●Location information: Lake George New York USA The nickname of Lake George is Queen's Lake, so there is a historical allusion, but it's waiting for you to unlock it yourself. This place is really beautiful like a fairyland. When it is still smoggy in the morning, it will be more attracted when it slowly reveals its face. The clear and clean lake and the lush woods take care of each other. The lake not only has the color of the sky but also the emerald green of the trees. Also like a mirror. Rent a boat to swim on the lake and feel the fresh air and cool wind on the lake, wandering with everything here, and the photos taken are also very immortal. Tasting the food here is not only the beautiful scenery but also the temptation of delicious food, eating is fun A good place, it is also a paradise for foodies like me. There are restaurants and snack areas around the lake, and specialties are waiting for you to discover. There is also a commercial area by the lake. There are good things that are affordable and useful. There are special brand discounts and souvenirs. It is also a great place √4~5 ●Opening hours: all day ●Tickets Information: Free to play around, experience the excitement. Horse riding and golf can be enjoyed on the grassland by the lake. Many tourists and locals are a good place to relax. If you are tired, you can also picnic and camp on the grass to experience the leisure time here. At the same time, you can stroll around the surrounding places. Carnival bonfire parties and quiet and beautiful concerts. Various colorful activities are often held by the lake. There are also concerts held by businesses, which are especially lively and bustling."