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About Milan

Milan is one of the world's famous international metropolises. With regards to art and fashion, it has left a huge and indelible impression. The second largest city in Italy, Milan has a long and storied history. Inside the city there are no few ancient monuments. The Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) is famous around the world. The shopping district around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Milan Fashion Week, held twice a year, make it an unshakable force in the fashion world. AC Milan and InterMilan are two famous football clubs that make Milan a pilgrimage site for many football fans from around the world.

Popular Attractions in Milan

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
608 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is located on the north side of Milan Cathedral Square and connects to Scala Square. It is widely recognized as one of Europe's most beautiful structures. Two cross-shaped corridors, topped with glass domes, meet together. When the sun shines through the glass domes, the shimmering colors are absolutely spectacular. When you come to Milan, you have to stop at the promenade. It's also a great place to go shopping. You can find many designer brands, including Gucci, LV, Prada, etc.
Milan Cathedral
1,478 Reviews
Milan Cathedral is a famous landmark located in Cathedral Square in the heart of the city. The gorgeous exterior of the church is contrasted with its simple interior, with a long and narrow hall and high ceiling. The floor of the hall consists of colored tile that has survived for hundreds of years. On both sides of the hall are towering stone pillars and beautiful stained-glass windows, most featuring sections of the story of Jesus. There are three circular lattice windows on the east side of the church, generally considered the finest windows in the entire church.
Sforza Castle
363 Reviews
Sforza Castle was the defending power of Milan in the 14th and 15th centuries. Acting as one of the grandest citadels in Europe, it’s almost hard to believe this great structure now holds collections of art and often serves as the venue for weddings. While it suffered much during World War II, post-war reconstruction helped transform it into the museum it is today, where works from both Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci can be found within.
Santa Maria delle Grazie
208 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Santa Maria delle Grazie is located in the west of Milan, on the south side of Sforza Castle. This red Catholic building is made up of churches and Dominican monastery, famous for its mural "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci in the monastery cafeteria, and listed as a UN World Heritage Site in 1980. Da Vinci's painting "The Last Supper" was drawn on the wall of the monastery's restaurant. It was created by Da Vinci in the 15th century. It uses a combination of innovative bold oil paintings and tempera paintings to create a unique Perspective effect.

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Trip Moments

In the museum's show, the Italian street brand MSGM MSGM is a brand that combines simple mashups to create their own style. It combines the inspiration from contemporary art music to create a brand that belongs to them. Features. There are not many people who know this brand. This is the first time that a young brand was founded in 2008. The core is made in Italy, so each piece of their clothes is said to be done locally and then sold to other places. Therefore, for the workmanship and fabrics, the brand can be said to be very good. MSGM's design is very bold, all with a variety of bright colors and lines as a match, all the clothes worn on the body feels exuding pleasure and vitality. Oh, and their designs are full of modernity, simple and lively yet elegant, giving people full of rich fashion details. Because of this design, MSGM has received many stars' love, and then gradually entered everyone's vision~ This time, Milan Fashion Week MSGM's show was actually held in the Italian Design Museum, maybe Is it to highlight that their theme is innovative design? Therefore, the layout of the venue can be said to be very difficult! The whole show is held in the open air, the weather in Milan is really very hot, so we must insist on watching the whole field, not to mention the model, even the show itself must be heated up! In order to capture the good photos in the front row, some photographers are directly sitting on the ground under the sun. I really admire the ~ clothes released this time, and the brand continues to be the core of the brand: bold and bold Colors and prints. The whole show gives people the feeling of being "normal" in addition to the heat, because you feel that the clothes are not picking people at all, no matter who wears them, they will look good~
Posted: 26 Sep 2019
Fashion authority Emporio Armani, how can you not know! Speaking of Armani this brand believes that everyone is not very strange, each city's shopping malls basically have its presence, and is as famous as LV, GUCCI and so on. About the armani brand: Armani is the collective name for the whole brand. In fact, this brand has a lot of sub-brands, the most familiar one should be the most common Giorgio Armani in the mall, as high-end The fashion luxury brand, this series is also the most expensive brand of armani in addition to personal customization. And Emporio Armani, if you are not quite the same brand that armani might think like me, but in fact, this sub-brand is a real orthodox, because the target population and pricing are different, so there will be a difference in name! Emporio Armani is aimed at young people around the age of 30, so the design will be more trend-oriented, so the brand was welcomed and sought after by the young people when opening the first store in Milan. Emporio Armani 2020SS As a luxury jewelry brand, I think this brand is also the only brand that has won two consecutive shows in the Milan fashion show!? And everybody is very much! It feels a bit like watching a concert. There were also a lot of stars on the scene. The people waiting at the entrance of the show and the people waiting to see the water around them were confusing. From time to time, there was a burst of cheers. I think this is the power of brands and stars? ! Hey, but the stars that seem to come are mostly foreign stars, and people are too many. I cant see which star is there. About the show This years big names seem to like to give the boys some translucent clothes, Emporio Armani is no exception, this show has a fully transparent short-sleeved T-shirt, this is more Good body to wear the door!
Posted: 28 Sep 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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