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Amazing Nighttime Views in Milan

Lake Como
279 Reviews
Pieve Vecchia
96.7km from downtown
"Lake Como in the Alps, known for its beautiful scenery, happens to be located on the border between Italy and Switzerland. It is said to be a glacial lake formed by melting icebergs, so even in midsummer, it is still shady. As early as the Roman Empire, this was a famous summer resort. The lake was still rippling with a clear stream and unspeakable chill."

Reasons to Recommend: The stunning Lake Como is where northern Italy comes to play. The heart of the lake sits approximately 80 km north of Milan. Reaching depths of over 400 m, Lake Como is also one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Sailors and windsurfers take to the water while ferries shuttle visitors around. Grand villas along the lake have housed international celebrities from Madonna to Richard Branson.

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
628 Reviews
271m from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"The 々 is a shrouded mall named after the first king of Italy after unification, 々, and it is located on the north side of Milan Cathedral Square and connects Scala Square. Originally designed by Giuseppe • Mengoni in 1861, built between 1865 and 1877, is the ancestor of the modern sealed glass shopping center, which adopts the popular shopping mall design of the nineteenth century, with glass covering on the top. The floors are marbled, the paintings near the ceilings, the mosaics on the sidewalks are all exquisite. Address: next to the Milano Cathedral"

Reasons to Recommend: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is located on the north side of Milan Cathedral Square and connects to Scala Square. It is widely recognized as one of Europe's most beautiful structures. Two cross-shaped corridors, topped with glass domes, meet together. When the sun shines through the glass domes, the shimmering colors are absolutely spectacular. When you come to Milan, you have to stop at the promenade. It's also a great place to go shopping. You can find many designer brands, including Gucci, LV, Prada, etc.

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Milan Cathedral
1,704 Reviews
448m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"As one of the world's most famous international metropolises, Milan is undoubtedly Italy's most developed city, and together with Paris, London and Berlin, it is called the "four major economic centers of Europe". The equivalent of Shanghai in China. Awesome"

Reasons to Recommend: Milan Cathedral is a famous landmark located in Cathedral Square in the heart of the city. The gorgeous exterior of the church is contrasted with its simple interior, with a long and narrow hall and high ceiling. The floor of the hall consists of colored tile that has survived for hundreds of years. On both sides of the hall are towering stone pillars and beautiful stained-glass windows, most featuring sections of the story of Jesus. There are three circular lattice windows on the east side of the church, generally considered the finest windows in the entire church.

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Sforza Castle
399 Reviews
791m from downtown
"Perhaps because the castle is bigger, the site is open, not many tourists, the outer wall has many holes, now became a pigeon home. There are many exhibitions inside, the castle is very powerful."

Reasons to Recommend: Sforza Castle was the defending power of Milan in the 14th and 15th centuries. Acting as one of the grandest citadels in Europe, it’s almost hard to believe this great structure now holds collections of art and often serves as the venue for weddings. While it suffered much during World War II, post-war reconstruction helped transform it into the museum it is today, where works from both Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci can be found within.

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Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore
55 Reviews
591m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"A very old church, this church also has some things worth visiting. The inside of the church is quite large. You can find some very hot records of your history here. Many things in this church are very precious Put protection."
Bosco Verticale
74 Reviews
2.3km from downtown
Modern Architecture
"Vertical forest is a very meaningful exploration in the history of architecture, and it is a certain position in the history of design. It is one of the first buildings to try to introduce the concept of vertical greening, and it is well maintained."
Gallerie d’Italia
109 Reviews
280m from downtown
"From Milano Cathedral through the second arcade, a small square, a large number of tourists, because the statue of Leonardo da Vinci in the center, so called Leonardo da Vinci square."
Teatro alla Scala
331 Reviews
321m from downtown
Q Gun
"Italy's number one opera house, to the west end of London to see the Phantom of the Theatre, would have wanted to see in Italy also, but think of the English pattern also listen to a lively, Italian opera must be more unable to understand. We just stopped by to take a card after visiting the Second Promenade. The ticket was 7 Euro. We did not enter. It is not very interesting to want to see the architecture and decoration. The entire opera house is very simple, and it is not estimated that we will not pay special attention to it without looking at the Raiders. There are still people to visit inside, several people check in at the door."

Reasons to Recommend: Enjoy opera in its finest glory when you visit the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy. The current edifice, built in 1776 by Pietro Marliani, Pietro Nosetti and Antonio and Giuseppe Fe, is the home of the famous La Scala di Milano opera company, but you can also view a ballet at the La Scala Theatre Ballet. You can watch performances of Tosca or Der Ring by outstanding tenors and sopranos renowned throughout Italy for their talents. Take advantage of using the modern electronic monitors that enable you to read libretti in English and Italian.

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71 Reviews
2km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"Milan is not big, so every meal is in Chinatown, the food is cheap, especially when you come back from Switzerland, you can let go of the order, Chinatown is not big, very close to the cemetery."
TOP 10
Torre Velasca
31 Reviews
701m from downtown
Modern Architecture
"Milan is a very characteristic building. After all, the high-rise buildings in the old city of Milan are almost invisible The whole building is a bit similar to the Garrison Building next to Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, which is more prominent."
TOP 11
I Navigli
25 Reviews
1.7km from downtown
"The Navigli area is located in the Canal South of Milan, which is relatively less touristy. In fact, there are many interesting places here, which is very refreshing. You can come and explore here if you have been in Milan for a long time."
TOP 12
Certosa di Milano
20 Reviews
6.1km from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"It is worth checking out, there are some famous paintings in it. If you are lucky, you can also run into a tour group and overhear the explanation. Now it is an ordinary neighborhood church. If you have free time, you can visit it."
TOP 13
Torre Branca
28 Reviews
1.4km from downtown
Observation Deck
"The Branca Tower is a pyramid-like building with a hexagonal base made of special steel pipes. It was designed and built in 1933. The elevator takes visitors to the viewing platform with a magnificent view of Lombardy, the Alps and the Milan skyline. The cost is five euros and the elevator can only accommodate 6 people at a time"
TOP 14
Corso Venezia
37 Reviews
1.3km from downtown
Featured Neighbourhood
"We live off the island of Venice, so we don’t have to drag our luggage through the alleys and bridges. It only costs 1.25 euros to enter the island by train. Buying a package of 20 euros is cost-effective, and you can land on different islands 24 hours a day. It is recommended to board the top floor of the T shopping mall under DFS on the main island, listen to the church bells, and have a panoramic view of the water city, quiet and far-reaching. You need to learn to use Google navigation to visit the city of Venice, otherwise you will get lost."