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Stunning Lookouts in Milan

Terrazza del Duomo
25 Reviews
390m from downtown
"The tower section of Milano Cathedral has been under repair, and unlike other churches, it is in the back of the building, with a lot of queues, the city is not as good as Paris, but the building is suitable for photography."
Reasons to Recommend: Walk or take the elevator to the platform level on the top floor. From the platform level, you need to take an outdoor corridor before continuing to the top. On the platform level, you can see the exquisite spires on the top of the church and the statues on the spires. The statues have different shapes, including characters and animals, which are very lifelike. On the platform level, you can also overlook the gilded statue of the Virgin Mary on the spire of the church, which is very beautiful. Stepping on the ridge of the church and continuing up to the roof, the scene here is even more shocking than looking up at the bottom. The roof is so distinctive that the landscape seen is enough to be a symbol of the Milan Cathedral. On the roof, it is not only the beauty of Milan that makes you dizzy, but also the 135 beautiful stalagmite-shaped spires on the roof, which seem to build a fairy tale world around you. And the statues on the spire are the same size as life, and I can't help but sigh that the Milan Cathedral is a treasure in the history of human architecture.
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Grattacielo Pirelli
18 Reviews
2.4km from downtown
"The Pirelli Tower feels like the best modern building in the center of Milan. Many places in Italy retain the far-reaching flavor. The old town of Milan also feels much more modern here."
Reasons to Recommend: The Torre Pirelli is a high-rise tower in Milan with a height of 127 meters. The tower was completed in 1958 and was the tallest building in Italy at the time.
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Palazzo Lombardia
13 Reviews
2.5km from downtown
"I didn't know what place it was before I came here, I found it really beautiful when I passed by, and it was clearly better designed than the surrounding buildings, and the inner square was very beautiful and harmonious and modern."
Reasons to Recommend: Lombard Square Building, located in Milan, Italy, is a very famous modern building. Visitors take the elevator to the observation deck of the building, where they can look at the charming scenery of the city. In addition, the building also has a helipad, which is very cool.
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Torre Branca
28 Reviews
1.4km from downtown
"The Branca Tower is a pyramid-like building with a hexagonal base made of special steel pipes. It was designed and built in 1933. The elevator takes visitors to the viewing platform with a magnificent view of Lombardy, the Alps and the Milan skyline. The cost is five euros and the elevator can only accommodate 6 people at a time"
Reasons to Recommend: The Branca Tower is an observation tower in Milan. It was built in 1933. The tower is 108.6 meters high and is the fourth tallest building in Milan. On a clear day, the top of the tower offers panoramic views of Milan and the Alps in the distance.
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Torre Velasca
31 Reviews
701m from downtown
"Milan is a very characteristic building. After all, the high-rise buildings in the old city of Milan are almost invisible The whole building is a bit similar to the Garrison Building next to Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, which is more prominent."
Reasons to Recommend: The Villasca Tower is a tower built in Milan in the 1950s and is the first generation of modern architectural design in Milan. The building is 100 meters high and is a mixed-use building for commercial and residential use. From the top of the building, you can see the whole city of Milan.
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Casa Pacchetti
2 Reviews
1.3km from downtown
"The view of the street is beautiful and clean. all good."