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La Citta AltaNearby City

La Citta Alta

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"Historical Site"
"Begamo, Italy |Medieval retro and modern I started to work in Italy more than 10 years ago, and every time I come to Italy, there is a different "surprise." The biggest surprise is to come to Bergamo Bergamo, very close to Milan 30 minutes drive. Begamo is one of the most perfect cities to combine history with modernity. Economically, it is Italy's third largest economic zone. Transportation is extremely convenient, with the third-ranked airport in Italy, and the economic strength per capita is very strong. The location is very convenient, is basically a subsidiary city of Milan International City, medieval architecture and its rich, exquisite. There is also UNESCO World Heritage site of UNESCO. Located in the old city wall of Upper City. Like the Great Wall of China, it was built to defend the enemy at the beginning. Now it is UNESCO SITE. Bergamo Travel. I feel that at least I have to leave more time to experience the city slowly. I also recommend a few routes worth going. The most scenic spot is the Begamo medieval and Renaissance buildings tightly clinging to the top of the rock outcrop in the Old Town Upper Town. The best way to get there is to take the funicular to the square of McCartaughey. Below is Dipata, standing in the beautiful church of St Michele and San Andrea. The Gambito Road street is surrounded by noble buildings and small shops on the streets leading to the beautiful Piazza Kea. Or on foot, you can slowly experience the city, the beauty and food of the city. Located in the heart of the old town, the architecturally rich Piazza Kea is a remarkable and beautiful aristocratic house and town hall. The stone steps of the 12th-century Laguna Palace and three Gothic arches form the upper part of the Piazza, adjacent to the towering tower of Toleder. Beneath the city library, bounded by the late Renaissance palace, stands the Condalini fountain decorated by lions, with another St. Mark Lion looking down from above. The Cathedral of St Mary is through the arch at the top of Piazza Kea, which together contains some of the most impressive architectural gems of Begamo. The entrance to both sides of the Cathedral of St Mary Maggiore is guarded by lions under the beautiful Gothic canopy. Inside are exquisite Renaissance choir stalls, baroque stucco works, and 16th century tapestries on side aisles and choir walls. Local admirers still leave flowers on the tomb of composer Donizetti, a Begamo buried here. Quintamuria and the gates of the Venetian construction of more than 4 kilometers of wall around the old city, known as Quintamuria. People near the Donizetti Museum follow them through San Giacomo, the most handsome gate in town, and through the Church of St. Austin to the port of Santa Aguistino. From this gate, Vialenuele II descends through the lower station of the cable car into the centre of the city. The Eunil Chapel is adjacent to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Eunil Chapel, which has the style of Lombardy's early Renaissance, adorned with a colorful mosaic of marble. Built between 1470 and 1876, the church houses the tomb of Kodoro Miocoloni and his daughter Medea, designed by Giovanni Amadeo, who also designed the interior. [Sights Raiders] Detailed Address: Up downtown Shangcheng Traffic Raiders: Train to Begamo and then choose to drive by yourself, BuS Open Time: No Time-Limited Ticket Price: No Tickets. Doing the cable car requires purchase, you can buy it on site. Highlight Features: United Nations World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Small Tips: Bank of China Card is not very easy to use as much as possible with cash itinerary: Suggested 3-7 Day Time Traffic Raiders: The city is not too big, there are bus trip highlights everywhere: Crossing history and modern per capita consumption: lower than Milan 20-40% recommended dishes: Begamo cheese is famous"
Certosa di PaviaNearby City

Certosa di Pavia

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"Historical Site"
Open on Mon-Fri, Sun,9:00am-11:30am,2:30pm-4:30pm (Local time)
"Give me a sense of a royal garden, a holy place, I must go there when I have time. Milan, France, Italy gives us the feeling that it is a place with a strong artistic atmosphere. The place where I checked in this time is the Pavia Monastery in Certosa di Pavia, which gives people a mysterious beauty of isolation. It is one of the five largest monasteries in the world. The appearance is typical French style, milky white with some age-yellow walls. The gate of the monastery is simple and atmospheric, and there is a small river beside the tall building as if it is protecting the monastery from the world. The monks here introduced to us that they all use simple paper messaging and communication instead of mobile phones and smart electronic products, which also create the current atmosphere. I saw a sign in the room stating that it was not allowed to take pictures. At that time, I was a little worried and detained, but because the monks accompanying me were very reasonable, I opened one eye and closed one eye and agreed to take pictures secretly. The interior is well protected. Although the age makes it a bit "retro" rather than brand new, the colors are still very late. It's like an ivory sculpture. It is very compact, and its appearance has not been catalyzed by time and it becomes unbearable to look directly. The statues and cultural relics inside are still worth learning about. Tips Tickets are 5 euros and the transportation is convenient, within half an hour by taxi"