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Jiuxian LakeNearby City

Jiuxian Lake

4.4/519 Reviews
Ranked #6 in You County Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 5/1-10/31,9:00am-5:00pm;Open from 11/1-4/30,9:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Friend said after the epidemic want to find a place to play, but can not too far, finally he found Jiuxian Lake in the search, the distance is more suitable, in the county of Liaojiang town, not very far, and not particularly famous, he said that people should be quite few. Go to the feeling, as a niche attraction, still worth a visit. Before leaving, I saw a comment saying that I should pay attention to the sun, check it out, or bring sunscreen equipment. Tickets: Being an adult, you buy an adult ticket for 96 yuan, the ticket seller said it was packed with boats and sightseeing buses Sightseeing car: from the entrance of the visitor center to a stop for the tour bus. The driver said that the bridge is in front of the river. You can finish the whole scenic spot by walking straight forward. We walked the line of the Visitor Center - Shuiyun Bridge - Twin Towers, not the better way to walk without climbing but with fewer attractions. On the way to the Shuiyun Bridge, I saw the cliff swings and the gliding wings. I still want to play, it's too sunny, and I didn't play in the end. Shuiyun Bridge: There is water fog on the bridge, it is quite comfortable. He met a staff member. He said that there was a 3D painting before this bridge. Many people like to take pictures here, but they are washed away by the water. . . A bit of a pity Twin Towers: There is a resting place on the stone steps of the Twin Towers. We took a rest here to keep up the mountain. It was very comfortable when we went up the mountain, there were many trees and the green was very beautiful. If only the scenic area had such trees to shade. The Twin Towers should be the highest point in the Jiuxian Lake scenic area, overlooking the Jiuxian Lake. Then down the mountain, see to have played the bow and arrow and linlin leap, asked, bow and arrow is to buy ten to give two, OK, linlin leap or in the visitor center when buying a set ticket to draw some, regret. There is also a purple flower gallery, tea garden, a house showing folk customs, a bird's pavilion and so on. Wisteria is that kind of artificial attraction, but the photo should be very good. Tea garden is unfortunately no tea-picking experience, the staff said that it is not seasonal. We looked at the house. There was nothing in it. I don't know what it was. The bird pavilion, there are a lot of popular bird knowledge propaganda, can also rest here, but, we did not see any birds, a little doubt that the bird is really a lot of birds or because the bird knowledge propaganda called the bird pavilion. Finally, the boat tour of Jiuxian Lake, in addition to a little sun, the scenery is very good. We finally found a farmer's fun to eat dinner in the scenic area, recommend everyone tofu, tofu is really delicious, tofu is also the characteristics of Shexian, the other is average. In general, this scenic spot can still go to play, if you bring a child, the child is bolder, you can buy them a package ticket, but it is not very expensive to buy on site, you can wait for the place to see if the child wants to play and decide whether to buy or not. Then pay attention to sunscreen, we asked the staff, saying that the tree is not growing, so some places are still quite sunny. The photos are not very good for reference only"