Bahagian Miri
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Things To Do in Miri

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M32***23Tua Pek Kung Temple is very popular and belongs to the treasured land of Fengshui with strong incense. Tourists from all over the world come here sincerely. It is a very nice place with unique architectural style. The transportation is convenient, you can find it by following Ctrip navigation.
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National Park
鸿蒙时代There is a diving shrine nearby, a practical place. Diving in Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park | Diving in Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park Miri is a popular diving site because of the rich natural coral reef landscape. The diving depth of Miri-Shishidi Coral Reef National Park is 7 to 30 meters, and the visibility in the water is 10 to 30 meters. There is also a shipwreck area full of adventure fun in the park. Two hours after arriving in Miri, you can arrange and prepare to dive, because the closest diving area is only about 10 minutes away from Marina Bay Ferry, and the diving company will also provide you with a diving certificate. In terms of water temperature, for the first three months of each year, it is generally between 26 and 27 degrees Celsius. However, if the northeast monsoon strikes, the water temperature can be lower than 23 degrees Celsius. The best diving time is from the end of March to November each year, and the water temperature in May is the most moderate, between 29 and 30 degrees Celsius. In the following waters, you can watch diversified corals and marine life on coral reefs up close: Eve’s Garden (15 minutes from jetty) Here is a shallow reef of 7 to 12 meters, covered with various soft corals such as leather corals, elephant ear sponges and sea whips, and giant sea anemones and clown fishes also surround the coral reef. The gathering of yellow plum bream and angel fish is also one of the characteristics of this reef. Anemone Garden (30 minutes from jetty) This is one of the most interesting coral reefs, with a water depth of no more than 10 meters and a wide variety of animals and plants for viewing. Beautiful and diverse soft and hard corals thrive here. Anemones and their symbiotic clown fish are staggering, as well as bubble corals, staghorn corals, and sea chicken head soft corals. Another big surprise is that a large number of sea feather stars, giant clams, sea hares, yellow plum bream, etc. can also be found here. Bryce Reef (30 minutes from jetty) Belais Reef (30 minutes from jetty) This area is like an undersea zoo, where plankton, sea fans, huge gorgonians with an area of more than 4 meters, red, orange and white whip corals and yellow tree corals all grow within a radius of 19,000 meters. At the same time, angelfish, butterfly fish, perch, archer, sea hare, etc. are also found here, and horse mackerel and yellow sea bream are even more numerous. Among the long swaying sea whips, batfish are common among them, while wrasse and shrimp are accompanied by them. The top of the reef is about 15 meters deep, which is definitely a paradise for photographers. Tukau Diving Area (50 minutes from jetty) Tukau Drop-Off (50 minutes from jetty) Diving in this area is a sensory challenge. The reef appears at a depth of 20 meters and falls straight down 40 meters to form a wall. Horse mackerel, barracuda, scalloped fish, yellow plum bream, etc. can be seen in groups here. Sanda District (45 minutes from jetty) Santak Point (45 minutes from jetty) Speaking of this area, the blue sea, glass fish and sea fans immediately came to mind. The depth of the reef is up to 35 meters, and on the top of the reef at a depth of 21 meters, the visibility is more than 30 meters, and you can easily see sea fans and gorgonians that are 2 to 3 meters wide. Xiwa Reef (3
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Amin-AhmadThe park itself contrasts as a calm environment 10mins walk/hike of the hustle and bustle of Miri city. The park features many combinations of man-made design such as steel, cements, features and also natural features such as trees, stones and wood
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137***66"Miri Petroleum Museum" In order to beautify the No. 1 oil well and make the historical site a more attractive tourist attraction, and in conjunction with the promotion of Ge Miri as a city on May 20, 2005, the Sarawak State Government is also seeking national oil while special allocation of funds Funded by the company and Sarawak Shell, the oil museum costing RM 10 million was built there.
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Historical Site
Amin-Ahmadgot a small museum nearby first oil exploration in Miri which used “ Grand Oil Lady” drilling rig. It produced oil starting from 22 December 1910 to 1972.[1] One year after retirement on 1 October 1973, the Sarawak Shell Bhd handed over the property to Sarawak State Government in a simple ceremony.
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City Park
Amin-AhmadI was staying solo & was actually on my way to the nearest ramadhan bazaar which is located beside here. A lot of people with families use this park in the evening. Good for jogging or exercising. There is a track going around the park. This park is located near the open and roofed stadiums. And right across the masjid. Plenty of parking here.

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Miri City Fan Recreation ParkBahagian Miri,Malaysia

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The Grand Old Lady No.1Bahagian Miri,Malaysia

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Petroleum MuseumBahagian Miri,Malaysia

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Luak BayBahagian Miri,Malaysia

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Miri Crocodile FarmBahagian Miri,Malaysia

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Taman SeleraBahagian Miri,Malaysia

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