Trip Moments

Mostar Old City
Mostar is a destination that every traveler to Bosnia and Herzegovina will not miss. The feeling of the old city is very similar to Lijiang, the cobbled streets, the shops on both sides are row upon row, the tourists are endless, and the commercial atmosphere is very strong. But despite this, Mostar will make people feel worthwhile, probably because there is a ancient bridge that is listed as a World Heritage. The ancient bridge was built in the 16th century and was destroyed in the war in 1993. It was successfully rebuilt in 2004 using the same materials and techniques. The ancient bridge divides the old city into two, so people come and go all day on the bridge. There are also diving people on the old bridge. When you fill in the number of euros, you will perform once. When you enter the water, you will make a loud noise. It is said that jumping from the high old bridge is the act of young people in Mostar to prove their courage. From 1968, there will be a formal diving competition every summer. Continued to the present, it has become a means of earning money for tourists. The distance from the bridge to the water is very high. People who dare to jump will need a lot of courage and superb diving skills, so people will applaud the divers. There are many beautifully furnished restaurants by the river. Sitting down for a cup of coffee, or eating a meal, watching the green river flowing like jade slowly flows, which is a very enjoyable thing in itself.