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Water Park
Taiyanggu Water Amusement Park

Taiyanggu Water Amusement Park

4.5/52 Reviews
"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"OK, after all, the price is here, the children are OK, there are some facilities. Simple playing water must be lightly loaded, no extra things can be taken without, no cash in the water Rubik's Cube, are hand cards, and hand cards can be paid by WeChat, so it is still very convenient. 1. Swimsuit, sunscreen (Water Rubik's cube does not have to wear a swim cap, large-scale recreational swimsuits are not given, so no preparation is required. But sunscreen must be done, and it still needs hard sunscreen to wear sunscreen, wetsuit is a good choice you deserve, it is a bit ugly ) 2, Lifebuoy (raise pool not go a wave of Sao Nian! Many casual counter-offer at the door, 15 a normal no problem ~) 3, sunscreen (to get mobile phone, food must be added, although I tried my best to feel dark...) 4, Slippers (water Rubik's cube does not provide, the hot and sunny ground has been shaved half~), waterproof bags, mobile phones (don't bring anything when you are ready to play items, things will not be carried on the open-air shelf, mainly for use in wave-making ponds or rest. Envy the waterproof camera, Tess or mobile phone + waterproof bag) 6, bread, mineral water (the price in the garden you know, 1 ice drink 10 yuan, or bring some dry food to fill the hunger bar) 7, washing, cleaning clothes (the place where the bath is general, there will be many people in the playground. I chose to brush myself and go home to take a shower ~)"