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About Nantou

In the geographic center of Taiwan lies a “forest treasury” in the mountains called Nantou. This interior part of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range undulates with green and is aptly named Gaoshan (“high mountain”) County. Sun Moon Lake is synonymous with the landscape of Taiwan and here you can take a boat trip around lake and see the small island of Lalu in the middle of the lake. Ascend the Ci En Pagoda in Yushi Township and take in the whole vista of Riyue Lake. Qingjing Farm, which is beautiful and scenic at all seasons of the year, is an excellent place to have fun with the whole family. Slowly strolling through the vast grasslands, watching the sheep shearing demonstration while tasting fresh dairy products makes you feel like you are in the wide fields of Switzerland.

Popular Attractions in Nantou

Sun Moon Lake
1,462 Reviews
The Sun Moon Lake has a wide surface, and the peaks reflected on the lake form a beautiful landscape. There is a small island in the lake. It looks similar to a bead floating on the water, so it is called "Zhuzi Yu". Now it is also called Lalu Island. With this island as the boundary, the northern part of the lake is round like the sun, and the southern part of the lake is similar to a crescent. This is the reason for the name of Sun Moon Lake.
Cingjing Farm
733 Reviews
Qingjing Farm is located in Renai Township, Nantou County, and is known as the three major mountain farms in Taiwan together with Wuling Farm and Lishan Fushoushan Farm. The Qingjing Farm is located between the mountains, from the Puli Road to the mountains, and the scenery is on both sides of the road leading to Hehuan Mountain. There are several parks such as the shepherd area, the cowherd area, and the high-calorie fruit and vegetable area. The hotel area is a tourist attraction that attracts tourists. The buildings have their own characteristics. It feels like walking in different styles in Europe, plus the emerging spots. The cultural scene of the Yi culture, the coffee on the cloud, the folk songs on the mountain, etc. are all good places to visit the Qingjing Farm.
Green Green Grassland
303 Reviews
Qingqing Grassland is a popular tourist attraction in Cingjing Farm. It is 1,800 meters above sea level and is a rare high-altitude grassland in the world. The rolling green grassland, cattle and flocks are shuttled from time to time, and the distant mountains are foggy, making people enchanted by the beauty of nature. Come to the Qingqing grassland to interact with the sheep, feeding, taking photos, and stroking the lovely flock.
Xitou Monster Village
143 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Xitou Monster Village is located at the entrance of Xitou Forest Recreation Area in Nantou. The entire Monster Village follows the architectural style of “Songlin Nail” and is built into a Japanese-style shopping street. In the monster village, there are all kinds of monster statues with various strange shapes and villagers dressed in Japanese styles; the red lanterns at night are lit up, as if a red ribbon is smeared in the green forest to let the night come. The travellers searched for the mysterious Japanese-style mystery in the mountains under the red lanterns.

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Trip Moments

LiAn Zhang   
The "forgotten" town - Che Yu Taiwan Railway has four branch lines, Pingxi line, Jiji line, Shalun line, Neiwan line, Jiji railway branch line is the longest branch line of Taiwan Railway, also is Nantou County The only railway line in operation. The line extends from Ershui Township in Nantou County to the rut. Cars This "forgotten" town is a place that friends who like railways must not miss. As the last stop of the Jiji branch, it is known as the "most beautiful station". The town surrounded by mountains has been very busy with the transportation of timber. Many wood processing factories have been built. Nowadays, with the decline of the logging industry, it has also been reduced. The factory has already been converted into a tourist facility. Since the Jiji branch line is a separate line from the Taiwan Railway network and goes deep into the mountainous area of central Taiwan, even if there are many tourists going to Sun Moon Lake, there are very few special trips here. The only batch of guests in the town every day are followed. The sightseeing train of the gathering line arrived on time, and the time disappeared without a trace, and the coldness seemed to be the world of dreams. The town was originally called the "car park". It is the meaning of the parking lot in the Minnan dialect. Due to the pronunciation, it was later called the rut. A yellow train was parked on the square, along with a water tower and a coal loading platform. In the tourist center not far away, you can store your luggage and get tourist information, and there is a lot of railway knowledge in the exhibition center in front of the station. Originally the export warehouse of Zhenchang Wood, after the 921 earthquake, it was converted into a shopping street, named "Linban Road", where there are paper stations, tunnels, small trains, etc.
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