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Things To Do in Neijiang

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Geological Sites
滇国剑客The geological hazards of Shenglu Mountain are named for the province. The original shape of the mountain is beautiful, but the mountain springs of the streams are still beautiful.
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Historical Site
M40***18    The ancient stone archway town of Longchang, Sichuan, is centered on the landscape of the stone archway in the south of the city, with the millennium ancient rudder road as the central axis, and the layout of the "three verticals, three verticals and six tablets" is natural, which embodies the unique charm of the "thousand-year old rudder road, three-dimensional history book stone archway". Longchang stone archway is the crown of stone archway group in Qing Dynasty, there are 17 stone archways and 4 stone monuments, which are distributed in the north and south of Longchang City. Most of the building forms are four pillars, three gates, three triple rudder, five drops of water, three open archway-type Qingshi imitation wood structure.
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M40***18The Zhonglong Mountain in Zizhong County is located in the northeast of the city, there are the Ming Dynasty built Yongqing Temple and other ancient temples and the carved cliff statues of Sui and Tang Dynasty up to 160 feet, 1648, most of them are well preserved. There are also many famous inscriptions since Tang Dynasty. Yongqing Temple has more than 1700 collections, including Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian and other famous calligraphy monuments and Guo Mu, Zeng Guoyi, Zhang Daqian calligraphy and painting. Huang Tingjian's "Yulan Fu" monument is the most valuable, is a rare treasure.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Memorial Hall
M40***18Daqianyuan tourist attraction is located in the dome hill of Dongguan Road, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province. The scenic area of Daqian Garden is integrated with the former residence of Zhang Daqian, the museum of Zhang Daqian, the former residence of Zhang Daqian, the Xilin Temple, the tombs of the Cailan Cave, the Taibai Building, and the ancient crossing of Xilin. It is a painting and calligraphy culture, celebrity culture and religious culture, which covers the Han Dynasty. Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties cultural and tourist attractions.
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M40***18Guyu Lake, a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, is located in Longchang City, Sichuan Province, 2 km away from the city, is an important part of Longchang three ancient trips (the other two are stone archway and Yunding Village respectively). The lake area is about 5 square kilometers, the whole scenic area is composed of Guyu Lake Shengdeng Mountain area, Yunding Mountain area. Guyu Lake is an artificial medium-sized lake built in the 1970s. The lake area is 5.4 square kilometers. The longest 7.5 kilometers in East and West. The widest 2 kilometers in North and South. The maximum water depth is 27 meters and the average water depth is 15 meters. The reservoir capacity is 56 million cubic meters. There are many islands and peninsulas in the lake. Winter is a paradise for migratory birds.
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_We***72wonderful and marvelous place. educative and insightful. you’ve gotta visit. I loved been there. it was a good experience with my wife. young and traveling

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Chonglong MountainNeijiang,China

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Shengling Mountain Geological ParkNeijiang,China

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Fan Changjiang's Former ResidenceNeijiang,China

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Qing Dynasty StreetNeijiang,China

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Longchang Memorial Stone ArchwaysNeijiang,China

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About Neijiang

Neijiang is situated in the southeast of Sichuan province. It neighbors Chongqing to the east, Meishan to the northwest and Ziyang to the north. Known as China's 'sugar capital', it produces a large amount of sugar and cotton. Neijiang is also the hometown of the 20th Century painter Zhang Daqian. The Zhang Daqian Memorial is one of the city's major attractions. Other popular destinations include Mount Baiyun, Jingan Temple and the ancient town of Luoquan. Visitors can also taste the city's local cuisine, which includes stir-fried chicken, dried beef and candied fruit.

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