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Every year, our family of four will have a family trip; the first stop in Europe this year, the Netherlands! In this country, small wooden shoes, rafts, canal cruises, what kind of surprises and romance will we give us? The first to find out at the airport is Tesla taxi, and the driver will have an oversized display. Arrived, first stayed at the Viking cruise ship, not only the airport pick-up, but also the service staff prepared a wet towel at the pier all the way. The public space is very spacious, and the room has warm heart tips and rich gifts (insulation cup, selfie stick, portable charging treasure), the details reveal the thoughtful thinking of VIP needs. Check in all day, and the restaurant has already prepared lunch for us, and also met the last boat guests who just finished the trip. They are very enthusiastic to tell us: the reception at noon is not the best, the more the more rich! Don't worry, everyone on board is at least three pounds fat! reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply 1 reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply reference to reply
Posted: 22 Apr 2019
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The predecessor of the Dutch blue porcelain is China's blue and white porcelain late Ming Dynasty, the Dutch sea business has reached its peak then large quantities of Chinese blue and white porcelain traveled to the Netherlands so beautiful art is naturally popular in the Netherlands But for the time, the ships mobile materials were still too expensive The Dutch began to try their own handcrafted porcelain in the folk handicraft workshop souvenir shop displaying countless blue porcelain porcelain Teacup, coffee cup, teapot, tea pot, and western plate you will feel involuntarily to return to China like but face a variety of Western-style tableware inadvertently admire the culture of the West and the West Here at the end of Western Christmas is Christmas Christmas and Christmas decorations the Christmas tree in the store is also decorated with blue porcelain ornaments If the traditional Christmas is red With dark green then need to add a little blue decoration Delft also has a separate process to high quality clay shaping on transparent glaze all hand-painted fashion pattern burning Production specific Porcelain's graphic design is also famous for a long time as the oldest workshop. The tradition of several centuries is still hand-drawn by traditional methods. The Dutch are actually reflected in every aspect The painting is in the blue porcelain master class but she did not have any shelf to sit in front of us while painting and chatting with us
I feel that coming to the Netherlands not only enjoys the beauty of nature, but also allows me to see the unique local customs and splendid culture and art. The Dutch museum is undoubtedly a good place to showcase unique culture and splendid art. There are thousands of museums here, which is undoubtedly the highest density of museums. Many people will definitely go to the National Gallery in Amsterdam when they arrive in the Netherlands, but in fact many people will miss the really great Royal Museum of Moritz. The Moritz Art Museum in The Hague, home to most of the Dutch golden age masterpieces. Because of the international military courts, the Dutch believe that the Hague is actually relatively international. The Moritz Art Gallery is surrounded by a small ditch, with only one wall separating the water and the entrance floor of the museum. When I was down the stairs, I could just see the water flowing outside the open square window. I was almost ready to go to the window. I thought it was too hanging at first. I didnt know how to do it when I encountered the big water. I observed it for a long time. The window has the presence of glass. It is estimated that the outside water will not come in. The design is wonderful. The space in the pavilion is not too big. It was changed from the old building and has the feeling of an old gallery. The treasure of the town hall here is Vermeer's "Girl with Pearl Earrings". Although the work of the painter Vermeer is very small (probably dozens of pieces), the length is not large, but the victory is exquisite and delicate. In addition, Rembrandts work is sure to be indispensable. In addition to self-portraits, his famous Anatomy Lesson
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