New Taipei City Photos

About New Taipei City: New Taipei City is located at the far north of the main island of Taiwan, full of gorgeous coastline and mountains, and revolves completely around Taipei. The scenery here is enchanting. Yehliu Geopark has vast and undulating headlands with remarkable stone pillars and the mushroom-like boulder resembling the bust of a queen, “Queen’s Head”, is an iconic landmark. Walking around the old cobbled streets of Tamsui, you can try characteristic local snacks as you travel onwards to the most popular attractions of the area, including Tamsui Customs Officers’ Residence and Fort San Domingo. On the road you can also pass the beautiful Tamkang High School where the Jay Chou film, “Secret”, was filmed. In the evening you can enjoy the famous Tanshui sunset, romantic beyond compare. You can also take a train ride on the well-known Pingxi Line, spending the day visiting the little towns along the line and enjoy a leisurely vacation experiencing the authentic way of life in Taiwan.
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