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I have been secretly conceived in my heart, heaven should be the appearance of the library, I will slowly and quietly investigate, with the hesitant cane! No matter which city I go to, I will basically go there if I have a better library. I dont want to do anything. I like to stay there. Especially the New York Public Library, which is a beautiful place that does not accept tickets and is built. When you go in, you must be a little whispered, don't bother people who read books.
Posted: 20 Dec 2018
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New York,Recommendations
Wall Street
From the glory of the World Trade Center we reached Wall Street. This is the indicator of the world’s stock and finance market. The richest and corporation owners of the world look upon this place as their mecca. They gather here harboring dreams of huge riches. No matter where you are, mention the word “Wall Street” and everyone will know what you are talking about. However, as you stand in the middle of the road and you look around you, you’ll see that on the surface it does not look as bustling as it seems. The streets are relatively calm, and once in a while you’ll see people walking in and out of the Trading Building. It does not have all the bustling activities in a city, nor the grandeur of New York. In comparison to the glorious trade center and the Empire State Building that is still standing, this street looks like a run down alleyway. Not only does it not look great, the street is narrow and short. From Broadway to East River one counts only 7 blocks in terms of distance, and the width is only 11 m. However, here you will find people and forces who can move the world’s finances. From Morgan Stanley’s head honchos, the gasoline kings at Rockefeller, to management offices of banks, insurance, logistics and freight companies run by DuPont Consortium, they’re all concentrated here. The famous New York Stock Exchange can also be found here, and it is still the headquarters of several main stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq, American Stock Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, etc. “Wall Street” itself has already extended beyond this mere street and now refers to the entire nearby area. It also refers to the whole financial market or any financial organizations which have influence over the United States' overall economy.
JOJO’s wonderful trip
New York,Recommendations
Statue of Liberty
What represents New York and the United States? I think it has to be the Statue of Liberty! It makes everyone believe that the United States is a land of the free and where we believe in and yearn for liberty. It’s like the beginning of the movie “The Legend of 1900”; when you see the Statue of Liberty, you are seeing New York. When you see her, you see America. She also has the name of the “Goddess of Liberty, shining upon the earth”. She is a national monument in the United States, a symbol of America. Perched atop Liberty Island at the mouth of Hudson River, she wears a crown of lights, raises a torch of freedom high in the air and holds the Declaration of Independence in her hand. Usually, one takes a ferry from Battery Park in Manhattan to get to the Statue of Liberty. It’s the most common method. There are 2 types of tickets, standard admission and package admission. (Standard admission includes arrival to Liberty Island, Ellis Island, the bottom of the statue and the audio guide. The package admission includes an extra ticket to reach the crown of the statue). This is a very popular spot. From buying the ticket to lining up to board the ferry, it took 1 hour. If you want to avoid the peak hours, getting there really early or really late is a good choice. However, because the distance is relatively close, it’s already lower Manhattan. Once the ferry pulls from the dock, you can look out and see Lower Manhattan of New York City! Manhattan has the highest concentration of population in New York’s 5 administrative regions. It is also the smallest of the 5. It is described as the entire country’s economic and cultural center. It is the central business district of downtown New York, an area with the most concentrated number of high-rise buildings. I guess I don’t need to say more once you see the images below.
Joe Cai
New York,Recommendations
New York Public Library
The biggest public library in the United States is the New York Public Library. Believe it or not, but the first movie to the “Spiderman” series had a fleeting scene filmed here at the public library as well! The library is home to some of the earliest copies of classic pieces of English and American literature, famous drafts from writers and other precious, valuable antique works of literature. This location also served as the central research library for New York’s public library system. It oversees 3 research libraries and 84 library branches, spread across 3 regions in New York. There are over 3 million books in the branches’ collection. What’s worth visiting the most in the public library is actually the reading room. This is room no. 315. It is 90.5 m long, 23.8 m. wide and 15.8 m high. All around you’ll see open bookshelves and long windows. There are large chandeliers dropping from the ceiling. There are long reading tables and very comfortable chairs in the room. On the table, you will find copper lights. There are computers in the room, connected to the internet. But for some reason it’s been switched off. I could only look at photos on display. It felt like you’re traveling to a Harry Potter movie, much like the dining hall in Hogwarts. Everything in the library is free. Many famous writers come here to research and find information. During the Great Depression, a lot of people self-studied here at the university level. This is why nowadays there are still many shared rooms for citizens to use.
Joe Cai
New York,Recommendations
Top of the Rock
Top of Rock - this is the peak that I vowed to conquer in this trip to New York. Other than the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center is also a landmark in the city of New York. When it was first constructed, Rockefeller Center was an urban complex of 14 buildings and took up 3 blocks in the center of Manhattan. The Fifth and Sixth Avenue mark its borders from East to West; West 48th Street and 51st Street mark its borders from North to South. It is south of New York’s Central Park. In the daytime you can get to the top of the building to look at the entire Central Park from above. Because the Rockefeller Building was built with large limestone, as you climb onto the observation deck, you are above a mountain formed by a huge boulder. Calling this the top of the boulder is exactly what it is. Here, you can see Manhattan at a 360 degree angle without any glass panels between you and your view. You will get to see most of North Manhattan, in particular Central Park right next to it. As the sun begins to set and the sun has yet to reach the horizon, clouds in the sky have covered some of the sunlight. Manhattan begins to be washed over in gold; a ray of sun at the west, coupled with a view over various high-rise buildings from various decades all add a sense of dreaminess to the view unfolding below. We have a very peculiar blazing sunset tonight. The New York sunsets are usually pinkish, so I hope to see such extraordinary beauty every day.
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