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Ornamental Hot spring
100 Egg Mud Bath

100 Egg Mud Bath

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"Ornamental Hot spring"
Ranked #10 in Nha Trang Can't Miss Attractions
"The 100-egg-mineral mud bath is built on the mountain, and the key to the safe deposit box is taken at the entrance. There is a pair for 2 people. Do not change clothes at the safe deposit box. There is a camera. Bring a small ticket to go to the mud bath. The waiter puts a half bowl of mud in a bathtub-style stone tank, and writes down the time of entry and exit, usually 20 minutes. The mud is warm, very fine and without particles, you can apply it on your face as a mask. After soaking the mud, sit in a special resting place to bask in the sun, which is said to promote the absorption of minerals, and then you can go for a shower. Rinse clean (the waiter will check you for residual mud prints or ask female passengers to squeeze the swimsuit on your chest until there are no stains and sewage) before letting go. At this time we can go to the hot spring, there is a swimming pool and A small waterfall goes uphill along the trail. Both sides of the road are hidden in egg-shaped pools under the green trees, and bunches of bananas grow on the banana trees on the roadside. Back to the pool, there is a rest area, where there are drinks and light meals. There is also a shopping center where you go out, giving a 100,000 dong coupon for deduction for shopping. There is a bowl of free bird’s nest with a little impurities. Bird's nest, oatmeal, dried fruit, durian pastry, mangosteen pastry, etc. are available for purchase. I personally think that the shopping malls are more complete."