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City Park
Parc Castel-des-deux-Rois

Parc Castel-des-deux-Rois

4.5/52 Reviews
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"City Park"
Ranked #6 in Nice Great Urban Parks
"This magnificent attraction, trees, prairie, etc., are all 5 stars. However, a magnificent castle abandoned by the two kings, the historical heritage of the great Nis Rubadi family, decorated with magnificent frescoes, was considered a true architectural marvel of the Lascaris Palace in the 19th century and was razed to the ground by the municipality . Is Peyrat a terrible mistake, a miracle that was shaved leaving no room for it? But this was not the decision to close the small train at the same time. This surprised the children. The huts in the Terra Amata Valley were also destroyed and the mini golf course was closed. The hollow oak tree and its mature hut are the real destructive actions of the Peyrat City Government, but it did not end. Esterosi left the park fallow, closed the carousel, and closed the goat pen because it was abandoned. It was not even demolished in the ruins, and finally completed the beautiful side for the children in the park and destroyed the architectural wonders of the park. Then, all the original entertainment activities for the children are still only provided for the elderly in the afternoon and the businessmen in the evening. chair. Of course, this is a magnificent place, it is easy to receive grandmother's excrement, the municipality absolutely does not like children, what a pity!!!!!!! At the same time, motocross is wandering wildly in his shabby green corridors and Between the two fast lanes between the dangerous and ugly children’s play area, and leaving this magnificent park, Fuera Esterosi was abandoned"