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Saint Lazarus ChurchNearby City

Saint Lazarus Church

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
"800-year-old Byzantine-style church This autumn, I will go to the Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca with my wife this autumn, and pass the world of the two by the way. This is a church built before it was looted in the Fourth Crusade. Lazarus, where Jesus was resurrected, was also the first bishop of the ancient Kition, a town where modern Larnaca was built. The internal environment of the church is beautiful, and it is a model of Byzantine churches at that time. It was originally built by Emperor Leo in the 9th century, and has since undergone many renovations. The decoration is impressive, and its purpose is to have a sense of religion rather than the excessive luxury of other Cyprus churches and monasteries. This church incorporates many elements of the history of Cyprus. When Cyprus was ruled by the Franks and Venetians, the church was controlled by Catholics, so you will find Venetian architecture here. However, additional elements such as Frankish Gothic pediments and lovely Italian-style interiors were added. The wood carvings of the magnificent Baroque iconostasis were actually made by Cypriots during the Venetian rule. Below the church is the location of the tomb. During the Crusades, most of the saint’s relics were looted and transferred to Marseilles, but a small part of the saints were also discovered in 1972 and are today considered to belong to the saints. In the past, the cemetery behind the church was composed of French, Italian and Greek elites. It will be interesting to look at the inscriptions on the tombstones and discover various symbolic carvings and different languages. Tips: 1. Opening hours: 8:00-12:30 in the morning, 15:30-18:30 in the afternoon. 2. There are still a lot of ancient paintings in the church, which are worth seeing."